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Re: BCB 100 - The Rolling Stones

Postby Nolamike » 31 Oct 2010, 17:52

Foxhound wrote:Here's my own personal ranking of the Stones' albums up until the mid-nineties:

Dirty Work
Between the Buttons(U.S.)
Steel Wheels
Out of Our Heads
Voodoo Lounge
Tattoo You
Black and Blue
Emotional Rescue
England's Newest Hitmakers
Exile on Main Street
12 X 5


Just.... :lol:
Sir John Coan wrote:Nolamike is speaking nothing but sense here.

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Re: BCB 100 - The Rolling Stones

Postby Foxhound » 07 Dec 2010, 17:12

Sorry. I didn't see these comments until now.

Foxhound wrote:Sure, those are the four albums that are the darlings of "Rolling Stone" magazine reviewers but real Stones' fans go way beyond those albums.

You ignorant fuck. If you weren't such a stupid cunt you wouldn't have to fall back on the same tired cliche of blaming everybody's favourite whipping boys, the critics. The real underlying problem with those who don't go beyond the four Stones albums from "Beggars Banquet" to 'Exile on Main Street" is that they're just pikers. They're not hardcore Stones' fans. (I'm just trying to get into the spirit of the commentary on this board. How did I do?)

Baron Grumblechops wrote:You're completely insane.

And a comment like that right out of the blue is then emblematic of a rational individual who has it all together?

Baron Grumblechops wrote:
Foxhound wrote:Here though are my favourite "Forty Licks" by the Rolling Stones. They're weighted toward deeper cuts that have not been overplayed on the radio:

Fortune Teller
Tell Me
Under the Boardwalk
Down Home Girl
Cry to Me
Harlem Shuffle

Sorry. These are all fucking abysmal.

I find that the Stones early ballads and covers of ballads have a certain crude charm. They have a rough hewn flavour which militates against the sappiness that a more polished version might have.

Baron Grumblechops wrote:You can't be serious.

I'm a serious enough fan of the Stones to both take the trouble to compile and post a list such as this. If you'd be so kind as to post your own, I'm sure I'd find a few with which to completely disagree. If it would be of any assistance, I could post the dozen or so Stones' tunes that I don't really like at all myself.

Baron Grumblechops wrote:I hate to be an asshole like this, but have you heard Alvin Robinson's version of "Down Home Girl?"

I'll pass up the obvious comment here and just say I'll give Alvin Robinson's version a listen. Hopefully though you're a big enough fan of Alvin Robinson to have his track on vinyl and it wasn't just a casual download for you.

Baron Grumblechops wrote:Congratulations on bucking Rolling Stone convention. Free thinking really is to be encouraged. Except when the "free thinker" is so patently, outrageously wrong.

Me I would have left your statement without the "except". You see I like music. I didn't realize it could be "wrong". Maybe not very good or even lousy, but not wrong.

And "Exile on Main Street'" suffers from several serious flaws.

1. The two disc album only has enough good material for one disc.

2. It doesn't have any tracks that hit the highs of any of their previous albums.

3. The whole album sounds as if they're trying too hard to be gritty. As a result it ends up being tiresomly repetitive.

4. Mick Jagger tries too hard to sing like a black man in many of the songs. Forget it, Mick. You're white. Just sing the songs the way you did when you were recording hits like "The Last Time" and "Mother's Little Helper".

5. 'Exile" signalled the start of the Stones becoming parodies of themselves.

Noel-a-mike wrote:Yeah, we've also had the "Harlem Shuffle" conversation with Foxhound several times.

The Stones' take is an unpretentious, bouncy number that's just good fun. It reminds me of the garage rock hits from the sixties that I so enjoy. Why should music not be fun instead of pretentious?

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