ABBA and the billion dollar offer

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ABBA and the billion dollar offer

Postby GoogaMooga » 08 Sep 2021, 17:29

Just watched an old episode of 60 Minutes Australia, in which Bjorn and Benny were interviewed. When the billion dollar tour offer was mentioned, they confirmed that it was true, it was a serious offer. The contract would have required them to do 100 concerts in a year, and none of them wanted to go. So they had a group meeting and turned down the offer. It's not just that they didn't need the money, how about supporting a cause or setting up a foundation for young songwriters or something? On the other hand, they felt it would have damaged their legacy and been a disappointment to fans so many years later. I think they felt they should protect their legacy, that they owed the name and the group idea something there.
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Re: ABBA and the billion dollar offer

Postby ConnyOlivetti » 08 Sep 2021, 18:21

Watched a recent interview with Björn and Benny, this topic came up, and the main reason for not take the offer, was that they did not want to tour. They never liked that part of the bizz.
They said that during their active years as ABBA, they probably been on tour just for 5-6 month.
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