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Cheap cities

Postby GoogaMooga » 08 Mar 2023, 22:46

In Krakow, you can have a three-course lunch for 50 kroner: Adam Gessler A' La Carte in the Jewish neighborhood of Kazimierz.

Riga Central Market (Centraltirgus Tierga) is the historic UNESCO World Heritage market to visit, when in Riga. Zeppelin hangars have been converted into an indoor market to keep you dry and warm. You must eat the local cake, Vevriga – "Old Riga" at the Café Kukotava, for that authentic Old Riga feeling. Riga is the only city you can eat!

Budapest is known as the "heart" of Europe. Balazs Gyemant is a local blogger and tourist guide, and he says that there is always something new to discover in Budapest. If you are not keen on garlic, sour cream, and cheese, the Langós bread is not for you. Kürtöskalács is a flame-grilled "chimney" cake which might be more to your liking, and then you can say you have been to Budapest.

Berlin is surprisingly one of Europe's cheap cities. You can enjoy the city's characteristic adrenaline rush and relaxation, or there is world class street food, but really you just want a currywurst. First you eat currywurst, then you relax.

Berlin Love, currywurst and chips at Konnopkes Imbiss
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