Sidney Poitier RIP

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Sidney Poitier RIP

Postby C » 07 Jan 2022, 18:04

Sad news

Sidney Poitier, the first black man to win a best actor Oscar, has died at 94.

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Re: Sidney Poitier RIP

Postby Rorschach » 07 Jan 2022, 21:31

A fine actor and the epitome of dignity at a time when that can't have been easy.
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Re: Sidney Poitier RIP

Postby mudshark » 07 Jan 2022, 22:20

Indeed, an absolute Icon, along with Harry Belafonte who (I just checked was born 8-9 days before him (Feb 20th vs. March 1st). I have the utmost respect for both of these great men.
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