Hey. How's everything?

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Hey. How's everything?

Postby martha » 22 May 2021, 11:32

It's been a while since I've been on BCB. I logged on today cuz I was feeling sad about scally and I wanted to be around people who loved him. The first thing I had to do was kill two spam bots and then I remembered why I'm never on here after getting about two pages into a thread full of people arguing. Lol.

But hey how's everybody doing?

It's been a year of sorrow and loss and hardship. I lost my dad my sister my Aunt my brother my half brother my brother-in-law and seven friends since March of last year. I very nearly lost my father-in-law and my older brother too. All of the neighbors that I liked so much in my new neighborhood in Boston either died or lost their homes because of the pandemic and had to move. I don't think I've ever seen such a year before. But I'm doing okay.

Everybody at Chez Marthe has been fully vaccinated. The spousal unit is working (although I am not). The kid is doing well in school academically but with the pandemic she's been isolating with us because of my immune system so she really had no chance to meet or make any friends her...she spends every waking moment on her phone talking to her friends back in Montana.

I remain hopeful that despite the uptick in fascism and xenophobia and homophobia and our heedless unsustainable lifestyles the planet will be a better place because of people like my kid and your kids.

Musically I'm still on a Japanese punk kick. V turned me on to a local musician lemon demon and I'm enjoying his stuff. Other than that I'm listening to the same crap I've always listened to, darkwave Post punk Gothic industrial, folk, blues and synth pop. Lol. In board gaming we bought gloomhaven a year and a half ago and it's been on our gaming table ever since we don't really play it very much because it's a pain in the ass to play and we tend to argue but it's been sitting on my game table ever since so we're not able to play other things right now. I'm still playing way too much Fallout 76 for it to be reasonable or sensible because the game is a piece of s***. And that's pretty much it for games...In terms of TV and Cinema I'm pretty much just watching anime programming these days and occasionally I'll watch some American or British comedy or drama.

I've been cooking a lot since the pandemic hit because there's not really any restaurants to eat at and I have perfected my quiche recipe, Philly cheesesteaks and chicken larb at this point. I've been fermenting things so I made some natto, kimchi, pickled melons and peppers some sauerkraut and a pickled green bean salad. I'm working on figuring out making elderberry wine.

I was very inactive this last year and I developed diabetes which sucks. Still having major issues with the spinal injury and using a wheelchair when I have to go anywhere that involves being upright or walking any distance. Not really digging that scene.

When my dad passed away he left me some books. I reread Milton's Paradise Lost and Sir Thomas Mallory's death of Arthur. That got me on a little bit of a kick as far as literature so I've been reading Eudora Welty this week.

Haven't gone anywhere or been anywhere or done or seen anything for over a year aside from a quick trip after we were all vaccinated to celebrate the vaccinations to the beach when we knew it would be uninhabited before the season commenced and to a museum dedicated to my favorite author/ illustrator Edward Gorey down in Cape cod. That was a fun adventure for us.

It looks like I'll be traveling back to California for a quadruple funeral and Memorial in July. Fun times.

That's pretty much it for me what's up with you guys?

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Re: Hey. How's everything?

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 22 May 2021, 12:16

Hey Martha, good to hear from you.
Sorry for your losses.

I'm glad you've popped in, and well played to Scally for continuing to be a positive force!
Keep safe, keep well, keep posting!
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Re: Hey. How's everything?

Postby kath » 22 May 2021, 12:37

i'm so sorry for yer losses, martha.

i love you. if my arms were long enough...

ya know, my copy of paradise lost? the one i got from my ma? three generations of marginal scrawl inside. my ma, me and the beezle.


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Re: Hey. How's everything?

Postby never/ever » 22 May 2021, 12:47

Blimey Martha, that was one hell of a year. My condolences for all your loss.

I hope you and your family are rebounding though and will get through the next couple of months. Get well soon too yourself.

All the best!
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Re: Hey. How's everything?

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 22 May 2021, 13:52

Hey Martha! Sorry for your losses but a warm welcome back.

You haven't missed much on here, same old same old.

Mudshark, Brother Spoon and Rorhsach have also made a comeback of sorts.


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Re: Hey. How's everything?

Postby souphound » 22 May 2021, 17:01

Martha Martha Martha! So glad to see you back.

I thought my year sucked especially healthwise, but holy cow young lady, you've had a doozy. Hope for a respite in coming times.

Anyway, like i said, I'm very glad to see you and get some news.
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Re: Hey. How's everything?

Postby Six String » 22 May 2021, 17:09

Hey Martha. Nice to see your posts this morning but sorry to hear of your losses. That is a lot of family to lose so close together. Hope you are taking care of yourself. Things are starting to open up here so I’ve been to some live shows (outdoors and reserved tables spaced six feet apart). We have been fully vaccinated for about two months now so breathing a sigh of relief. Was it really 18 years ago when we met in Berkeley? How time has truly flown, even in these strange days. Big hugs.
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