The Rubber Duck

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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The Rubber Duck

Postby GoogaMooga » 06 Apr 2021, 15:20

[CB Radio Chatter]
Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck
You gotta copy on me, Love Machine?
Ah, 10-4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shure
By golly, it's clean clear to Taco Town
Yeah, we definitely got us the front door, good buddy
Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy

I was waiting in the parking lot down by the shopping center today, and what did I see? A super modern Mercedes garbage truck driving into the lot to collect garbage down at the far end. Inside the truck sat one lone driver - a bearded fellow in his 60s, is my guess - and on the roof of the truck there was a great big rubber duck fastened for the world to admire. I immediately thought of "Convoy", the 1978 hit movie starring Kris Kristofferson as "the Rubber Duck", a rebel driver who had a rubber duck on the front of his truck. It was a time of CB radios and highway camaraderie, and it all came together in that wonderful road movie, with its spirited soundtrack by various artists, including the world-famous title song by Bill Fries AKA C.W. McCall. I gave the driver a thumbs up, but he did not quite seem to know what I was referring to, so I went up to him and told him about the movie and the rubber duck. He laughed and confirmed that he knew the film, and it made my day.

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