Covid Jabs....?

in reality, all of this has been a total load of old bollocks
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Re: Covid Jabs....?

Postby Six String » 04 Nov 2021, 17:07

As expected, 24 hours after my booster I felt pretty crappy and I barely slept the night before, but also a good night sleep thanks to medicinals last night I woke up today feeling my normal self. Small price to pay imo. I felt worse the day after my flu shot.
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Re: Covid Jabs....?

Postby mudshark » 04 Nov 2021, 17:47

Same as with my first J&J shot I didn't have any side effects after taking the booster. I wish I had because at least then you know for sure I wasn't injected with a placebo or something. But the wife felt it a bit so I'm guessing it's kosher.
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