Roger Corman RIP

..and why not?
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Roger Corman RIP

Postby GoogaMooga » 12 May 2024, 10:18


It had to happen sooner or later, didn't it? I found out 5 minutes ago from my movie buddy. That's the thing about Facebook, everything happens so fast. I bet his remains are still warm, an eerie thought.

What have we lost, then? A true maverick, the King of the B's, low budget master par excellence. The movie brats of the 1970s owe him everything, not least Francis Coppola.

He showed everyone that it could be done. Fast and expedient, on a shoestring budget. The Poe adaptations were his crowning glory, I suppose. For once he had big budgets to work with. And those I have on a DVD box set.

Happy trails, Roger Corman, and thanks for the memories.
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