The Luxembourg film industry

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The Luxembourg film industry

Postby GoogaMooga » 07 Apr 2024, 13:24


Say what? Film industry? I didn't even know they had a film industry, that tiny principality that we never hear about. Actually, they have got a population of 653,000, Iceland only has about 360,000. We all thought that it was a very big deal when Iceland started making waves and upholding a small film industry, with proper features and even some international acclaim. I think perhaps "101 Reykyavik" was their defining moment. Icelanders are very patriotic, they have their sagas and they keep their language clean of English loan words. Luxembourg is more non-descript, other than Radio Luxembourg, but I don't even know if it is broadcasting now. Luxembourg is dwarfed by it neighbors, Belgium, Germany, France. So Luxembourg does not really have a clear identity. Now I am sitting here with this DVD, a thrift shop find which I thought was French, and I read the fine print, and it says Luxembourg. And I ask myself, am I ready, do I really need to invest up to two hours of my life, so I can tick the box and say I've seen a movie from Luxembourg? Will it change my life in any way whatsoever? I am very conscious of my time, and I don't want to piss about.

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