Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino

Postby GoogaMooga » 12 Jan 2024, 04:45

Quentin Tarantino had one great idea, which he turned into a truly great film, a perfect and very original heist film that repays by rewatching.

The film is his debut, "Reservoir Dogs", which I saw at the Tokyo premiere in 1992. Not in a large theater, mind, but in one of those little arthouses that Tokyo had in abundance when I was young.

From thence we got them one by one, one tribute after another. Exercises, if you will. It's okay to pay homage, but add something personal as well.

It's not necessarily his video store clerk background that works against Tarantino. Godard and Truffaut were also movie buffs before they became critics-turned-directors, and both were absolute gluttons for films.

But I don't look at their films as fan pictures. There may be subtle homage, but in Tarantino's case, it's ALL homage, all very tongue in cheek, and peppered with references.

He even got Franco Nero to appear in his remake of the cult western "Django", that's how much power the now retired Tarantino wielded.

I got started on "Django Unchained", but I can't be arsed to finish it. "Kill Bill" vols. 1 and 2 I never even bothered with. "Pulp Fiction" gave me a giggly bit of a pop culture rush, with its snappy references.

But that formula would wear thin, and frankly by the time of "Jackie Brown", I think I fell asleep. I certainly have no recollection of it, other than Pam Grier in the leading role. Pam Grier, Franco Nero, you see what I mean?
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