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The Apu Trilogy

Posted: 28 Nov 2020, 22:32
by toomanyhatz
Pillowz and I just watched the last of the three - had never seen any of them before.

Depressing as hell, perhaps a bit melodramatic in spots, but also beautifully shot, well-acted, and, can't fault the soundtrack (Ravi Shankar in what was his first international success).

Any fans? I think they're a permanent fixture on the Criterion Channel if anyone's as curious as I was.

Re: The Apu Trilogy

Posted: 28 Nov 2020, 22:37
by Minnie the Minx
I got into Ray only a few years ago and have been kicking myself for not watching all his stuff sooner. Yes, this is a dazzling threesome and I’m so happy you enjoyed it! (Even the sad stuff)

Re: The Apu Trilogy

Posted: 29 Nov 2020, 13:03
by GoogaMooga
One of the most auspicious debuts in film history. Satyajit Ray financed them himself. Put India on the map.