A Chip in the Sugar - New Talking Heads

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A Chip in the Sugar - New Talking Heads

Postby Samoan » 19 Jul 2020, 12:30


Very enjoyable BBC TV remake of Bennett's classic monologues with 2 new stories added although "An Ordinary Woman" played by the the magnificent Sarah Lancashire gradually made me acutely uncomfortable.


"The Outside Dog" was good but different as I don't think anyone could surpass Julie Walters in the 1998 original. I remember watching it for the first time as it slowly dawned on me what the story was about.

I think far and away the best remake is "A Chip in the Sugar" (played by Bennett himself in '98) with Martin Freeman.

Nonsense to the aggressiveness, I've seen more aggression on the my little pony message board......I mean I was told.

Her husband used to be a tiddly winks manufacturer.