BCB 100 - Iggy (and/or) The Stooges

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Postby Clippernolan » 19 Jul 2006, 00:58

The Right Scarfie Profile wrote:Just as an aside, I really love the celeste on 'Penetration...

That's what I was trying to remember! The celeste! I got the wrong song, and the wrong instrument in my original post (as if anyone read it :lol: ), but I agree with you on it being a nice touch. But, I'm not sure it's like a "locomotive through the track" so much as something that seems to hold a kind of menace, just because it's so incongruous to the overall sound of the record. I think that's what makes it such an outstanding touch.
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Postby bixhenry » 19 Jul 2006, 01:03

The Right Scarfie Profile wrote:I wrote a (somewhat coherent) post comparing the relative merits of Funhouse and Raw Power a while back. Hopefully isn't too garbled to be replaced here

Just as an aside, I really love the celeste on 'Penetration,' the way it seems to drive through the track like a locomotive. Iggy's vocals on this song, and many of the others are quite strange, especially compared to Funhouse.

In Funhouse, it sounds like he's caught in some sort of hurricane (that yowl which kicks into 'Down on the Street'), on Raw Power it's very gutteral and quite grunty even. On the whole, Raw Power is quite a claustrophobic LP, even the langrous 'ballad,' "Gimme Danger" seems to contain this barely suppressed malice. Listen to that side by side with "Dirt" (from Funhouse), and hopefully what I'm getting at will make a bit more sense.

Of course, it deserves its reputation for the opening trifecta alone, and "Search and Destroy" is so immense (particularly the 'in the red' Iggy-mixed version) that it scarcely bares repeating. But I get the feeling that on Funhouse, they were going really outthere, and Raw Power pulls them back into the cage, seething ("Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell"). That said, I might put Raw Power on now and I know all my misgivings will be blasted away. The 1997 remaster sounds a dream, everything's in the red.

It's a far goofier LP than Raw Power anyway, but The Stooges is probably the goofiest of them all, if not the most consistent. It has a number of great 'dumb' jokes, doesn't it, not least "1969." And "I Wanna Be Your Dog" brings the whiplash, those sleighbells are fantastic even without one of Iggy's best-ever, most perfectly pitched vocals.

I saw the reformed Stooges (with Mike Watt) play at the Big Day Out this year and they were utterly superb, leaving every other band in their wake for sheer power. This was a museum piece that tore down its own foundations, and Iggy looked to be having a lot of fun, inviting people onto the stage and the like.

Solo Iggy is very, very patchy, but Lust for Life and The Idiot (Bowie's best-ever production work, incidentally) are both excellent. "The Passenger" might be one of the best things he's ever done, certainly the most endlessly intriguing, with its great, cyclical riff and odd sense of unease inspite of its momentum.

I agree with your assessment of solo Ig - I was never a huge fan of his solo work outside of those two albums. But I absolutely love those Stooges albums, Funhouse being my favorite by some distance.

I don't care for the MC5 too much; I never bought the hype, and outside of 'Kick Out The Jams' and 'Lookin' At You,' they pretty much leave me cold. But The Stooges have at least a dozen bonafide great rock and roll songs over those three albums.

Album - Funhouse

Song - 'Loose' or 'I Got A Right'

Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 19 Jul 2006, 01:05

I still think his three Arista albums ('New Values', 'Soldier', and 'Party') contain some cracking songs (yes! even the latter!), and the whole lot could be distilled to form one absolute classic album. Superlative fun punk, with a snapping steel soul.

If only he'd held back after 'Lust For Life' until 1981....

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Postby Livet » 19 Jul 2006, 02:14

Sir John Coan wrote:Again let me say that 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' is one of the greatest things ever recorded. There is nothing wrong with it. It thrills like sex, and never ever dates. And never will.


Favorite song: I Wanna Be Your Dog

Favorite album: Raw Power - First one I heard and fell in love immediately. Raw Power, Shake Appeal and Death Trip are almost as strong as Search and Destroy. And I love all the others - no weak links on this one.
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Postby king feeb » 19 Jul 2006, 02:31

Album: Fun House

Song: "1970"
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Postby Penk! » 26 Jul 2006, 18:24

Raw Power is a thoroughly unpleasant, obnoxious, ill-considered, incompetent and reprehensible exercise. And never far away from being my absolute favourite album.
Also, read 'Search and Destroy' for 'Raw Power' and 'song' for 'album.'
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Bungo the Mungo

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 26 Jul 2006, 20:06

The Penk wrote:Raw Power is a thoroughly unpleasant, obnoxious, ill-considered, incompetent and reprehensible exercise. And never far away from being my absolute favourite album.
Also, read 'Search and Destroy' for 'Raw Power' and 'song' for 'album.'

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Postby Cliche Guevara » 19 Oct 2006, 23:34

Album : Funhouse
Song : T.V. Eye

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Postby The Red Heifer » 22 Oct 2006, 07:40

Jeff K wrote:
Album - all of them.

Song - every single one.

I had to really put some thought into my choices.

God you sound like my girlfriend. Maybe this thread will entice her to post here :twisted:

The song is "I Wanna Be Your Dog" quite easily, although Iggy doing "Real Wild Child" for me is thrilling, just something about its simplicity, and rising above the sheer 80's-ness of it all.
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Postby Ginny_B » 23 Oct 2006, 07:41

The lure of Iggy has indeed enticed me to post here :wink:

Agree with Right Graduate Profile...saw the wonderful Iggy at the BDO and have to say after he performed I wanna be your dog...twice...it's definately one of my favourites...although Loose is prob number one for me. :D
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Re: BCB 100 - Iggy (and/or) The Stooges

Postby Count Machuki » 12 May 2010, 01:21


Raw Power vs. The Stooges
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Re: BCB 100 - Iggy (and/or) The Stooges

Postby pcqgod » 02 Jul 2010, 05:22

album: Funhouse
song: 1970
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Re: BCB 100 - Iggy (and/or) The Stooges

Postby Loki » 15 Dec 2010, 04:47

Wish I'd seen The Stooges. Esp. when they played the Michigan Palace, in 1973. Dang.

This audio is apparently taken from those Palace shows.

I didn't get to see Iggy til 1989. Sans Stooges.

whodathunkit wrote: Somewhere it's always 1972.

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