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Posted: 07 Jul 2006, 21:41
by Leg of lamb
What a great thread. Sadly for me, this is one of the few BCB 100 threads where I feel genuinely qualified to talk about an artist ... and Davey's said everything I'd have wanted to say!

I love that Costello is a fan. I empathise with him for it.

Favourite album: My Aim Is True
Favourite song: Alison

None of which really shows how much I rate the guy beyond the obvious stuff but I might as well be honest.

Posted: 07 Jul 2006, 21:47
by The Fish
Don't think I voted on this one yet. Anyway....

Album(s): Imperial Bedroom, Brutal Youth, King of America, Get Happy
Track: Probably Man Out of Time but countless other possibilities

And yes I think Blood And Chocolate is overrated. Brutal Youth is the gem from his later catalogue.

Posted: 15 Jul 2006, 02:08
by Sneelock
ablum: gonna peg "Get Happy"
there's an urgency there. looking back it even seems like a purging.
I love this record. every half-baked song, every affected overreaching bellow. it's rock and roll boys and girls.
every bad manner and bad habit they may have had is captured for all posterity in the grooves of that record. also, I think the songwriting (which was pretty confident to begin with) is entering a new phase of confidence.

now, I didn't pick "Imperial Bedroom" but I'm going to talk about it anyway. I think he is reborn as a singer on that album. like he discovers a whole new register and intention in his voice.

win: Shipbuilding
place: I hope you're happy now
show: new lace sleeves

Posted: 30 Jul 2006, 15:55
by Prince Of Peace
Album : Imperial Bedroom (which rates in my top five albums ever)

Track : Tokyo Storm Warning.

"The sky fell over cheap Korean monster-movie scenery
And spilled into the mezzanine of the crushed capsule hotel
Between the Disney abattoir and the chemical refinery
And I knew I was in trouble but I thought I was in hell

So you look around the tiny room and you wonder where the hell you are
While the K.K.K. convention are all stranded in the bar
They wear hoods and carry shotguns in the main streets of Montgomery
But they're helpless here as babies 'cause they're only here on holiday

Chorus: What do we care if the world is a joke
(Tokyo Storm Warning)
We'll give it a big kiss
We'll give it a poke
(Tokyo Storm Warning)
Death wears a big hat 'cause he's a big bloke
(Tokyo Storm Warning)
We're only living this instant

The black sand stuck beneath her feet in a warm Sorrento sunrise
A barefoot girl from Naples or was it a Barcelona hi-rise
Whistles out the tuneless theme song on a hundred cheap suggestions
And a million false seductions and all those eternal questions


So they flew the Super-Constellation all the way from Rimini
And feasted them on fish and chips from a newspaper facsimile
Now dead Italian tourists bodies litter up the Broadway
Some people can't be told you know they have to learn the hard way

Holidays are dirt-cheap in the Costa del Malvinas
In the Hotel Argentina they can hardly tell between us
For Teresa is a waitress though she's now known as Juanita
In a tango bar in Stanley or in Puerto Margarita
She's the sweetest and the sauciest
The loveliest and the naughtiest
She's Miss Buenos Aires in a world of lacy lingerie


Japanese God Jesus robots telling teenage fortunes
For all we know and all we care they might as well be Martians
They say gold paint on the palace gates comes from the teeth of pensioners
They're so tired of shooting protest singers
That they hardly mention us
While fountains fill with second-hand perfume
And sodden trading stamps
They'll hang the bullies and the louts that dampen down the day


We braved the cold November air and the undertaker's curses
Saying "Take me to the Folies Bergere and please don't spare the hearses"
For he always had a dream of that revolver in your purse
How you loved him 'til you hated him and made him cry for mercy
He said "Don't ever mention my name there or talk of all the nights you cried
We've always been like worlds apart now you're seeing two nightmares collide"



The imagery and imagination in that lyric is simply staggering.

Posted: 10 Aug 2006, 13:06
by The Red Heifer
No dissection by me, I'm sure 1000 of my posts already say everything to be said about my musical idol.

Album - Blood & Chocolate

Song - I Want You

Posted: 18 Aug 2006, 20:52
by purgatory brite
album Imperial Bedroom

song Man Out Of Time

Re: BCB 100 - Elvis Costello

Posted: 24 Jul 2008, 12:16
by Johnny 99
Song: Shipbuilding

Album: This Year's Model

Re: BCB 100 - Elvis Costello

Posted: 05 Aug 2008, 10:30
by Samoan
Album - King of America



Re: BCB 100 - Elvis Costello

Posted: 29 Nov 2008, 20:07
by 12stringbassist
Album - This year's model (runner up - My aim is true)

Songs - Lipstick vogue, Night rally.

Re: BCB 100 - Elvis Costello

Posted: 02 Jul 2010, 04:57
by pcqgod
Album: Trust
song: Jack of All Parades