BCB 100 - The Stone Roses

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Re: BCB 100 - The Stone Roses

Postby KeithPratt » 06 Feb 2018, 12:51

This is surprisingly good. The whole concert is excellent in fact.

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Re: BCB 100 - The Stone Roses

Postby Hightea » 08 Feb 2018, 04:26

Toby wrote:

This is surprisingly good. The whole concert is excellent in fact.

Just found these threads I guess I'll start here, I was at the show above in fact I believe I see me. It was so good because the audience sang for him. :lol:
MSG 6/30/16

Was living in NYC when we first heard Fool's Gold on the radio(WDRE - Long Island).
threw me for a loop and quickly was able to get a tape of them. Never was a big fan but always love those songs and continue to listen from time to time. Sadly, they never came to America.

Favorite song: back in the day Fool's Gold and I Wanna Be Adored
Today: "I Am the Resurrection" but the whole album is classic

We caught Ian's live solo tour and thought he was horrible so when we went to see The Stone Roses, mainly because I had never seen them and always wanted too, in 2016 at MSG we weren't expecting much. we actually got there too early and ended up front, we started talking to the people around me and it was made up of people from all over the northeast that had never seen the band and had been a diehard fan all these years. It lead to an amazing night as the crowd sang all the songs along with them and the band didn't miss a beat. They were amazingly tight for a band that hasn't played much.

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