Compilations for download

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Re: Compilations for download

Postby Qube » 28 Jul 2021, 14:49

OUTPLAY wrote:
C wrote:
The Modernist wrote:Can't you put on some James Brown or something?

Please don't bring your negativity and bad vibes (and karma) back over to this place.

It is not welcome here. Keep it where it belongs and perhaps go back to whence you came...?


He is free to post where and when he wants, sad fucque, bully boy

Now - how about some James Brown? MAKE IT FUNKY!

If you want some funk, head over to Q#76! :D ... -2011.html

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der Freiherr
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Re: Compilations for download

Postby der Freiherr » 28 Jul 2021, 15:28

I'm listening now . . . thanks, Q! I don't know how you do it. I'm so out of the game!
take5_d_shorterer wrote:If John Bonham simply didn't listen to enough Tommy Johnson or Blind Willie Mctell, that's his doing.

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Re: Compilations for download

Postby C » 12 Jan 2022, 16:55

Keep the good work Qube

C wrote:Just blank the fucque-wit

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Re: Compilations for download

Postby mudshark » 12 Jan 2022, 18:22

There's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over