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John Lennon in concert

Posted: 25 May 2024, 12:16
by GoogaMooga

He is not my favorite Beatle, but post-break up, John Lennon would still be my number one concert draw. Even if only for the exclusivity of it all.

When George Harrison played Tokyo Dome in the early 90s, guess who passed? Yes, stupid little me. I thought back then, "If I can't see Lennon, there is no point in catching number three". Ha ha, I'm still kicking myself.

It was on August 30th, 1972 that John Lennon and Yoko Ono performed their only publicly announced, full-length concerts at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

The two shows, known as the One To One concerts, included performances by Sha-Na-Na, Stevie Wonder, and Roberta Flack.

John and Yoko closed both shows with a full concert set, featuring songs by each of them. They were backed by their then-band the Elephant's Memory.

Known around the Greenwich Village area as a politically active street band, Elephant's Memory backed Lennon and Ono on their album "Some Time in New York City" during recording sessions in March 1972. The album was released in June 1972 in the United States.

They may be chiefly remembered these days for their role as John Lennon's loose and ragged backup band on his "Some Time in New York City" album from 1972, but Elephant's Memory have a bit more to their history than that...

They were formed in 1967 by drummer Rick Frank and saxophonist and clarinetist Stan Bronstein, who reportedly met on the New York City strip-joint circuit.

The group specialized in an eclectic Frank Zappa-like mix of psychedelia, jazz, and acid-tinged rock.