Early Daze - Neil Young and Crazy Horse

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Mike Boom
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Early Daze - Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Postby Mike Boom » 22 May 2024, 19:37

Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Everybody's Alone (Official Audio)
Early Daze


Now this is a release I can get behind. Great stuff
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Matt Wilson
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Re: Early Daze - Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Postby Matt Wilson » 22 May 2024, 20:23

That song is on the first Archives box, right?

It sounds familiar.

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Re: Early Daze - Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Postby C » 23 May 2024, 00:05


Very nice

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Re: Early Daze - Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Postby J » 23 May 2024, 00:52

Released June 28th, it appears.
It looks very interesting.

Found a track listing on a couple of sites.

1 Dance Dance Dance (Included on Neil Young - Archives Vol. I.)
2 Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown (Unreleased version)
3 Winterlong (Unreleased version)
4 Everybody’s Alone (Different mix included on Archives Vol. I)
5 Wonderin’ (Unreleased version)
6 Cinnamon Girl (Original 7” Mono mix. Released April 20, 1970. Includes guitar outro not on LP version.)
7 Look At All The Things (Unreleased version)
8 Helpless (Unreleased version)
9 Birds (Unreleased stereo mix). Mono mix was released as B-side to “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”)
10 Down By The River (Unreleased version with alternate vocals)

(though at £19.99 for a single CD I will probably wait for the price to come down)
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