The best Beatles book

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The best Beatles book

Postby GoogaMooga » 21 May 2024, 02:17


When I bought this in Charing Cross Road back in the 1980s, the book dealer called it "a primary document". Rolling Stone magazine named this the #1 Beatles Book. It wouldn't have cost me more than a few bob back then. Those were the 1980s, after all...

from Abbey Road Tribute:

"Love Me Do! The Beatles’ Progress", by Michael Braun

The first and what many maintain as the best Beatles book is one even many Beatles fans are unaware of. Hasn’t helped that it tends to dip out of print, but this is as close to a Beatles ride-along as you’ll get, with American writer Michael Braun following the band at the end of 1963 and into the early phases of the U.S. invasion the following year.

John himself singled out this one as the best , a true book that portrayed them as they were: as bastards, in his word.

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