I love Blondie

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Re: I love Blondie

Postby robertff » 13 May 2024, 19:39

GoogaMooga wrote:Okay, fixed now. Then let me ask you guys, who do you like best, Police or Blondie? :)

Blondie produced one entirely satisfactory album and a couple of reasonable slightly less than satisfactory albums, the Police never produced an entirely satisfactory album. All that Copeland and Summers' tosh spoiled every album - Sting should have kept a firmer grip on the reins, nevertheless, they were more consistent.

Who do like best? If I only had the choice of the five Police albums against the best of five Blondie albums I think it would have to be The Police, close though.


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Re: I love Blondie

Postby ChrisB » 13 May 2024, 19:57

Both released many excellent singles, but albums were a mix of good or indifferent material. Both bands still sound good on the radio but rarely go near my turntable

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Re: I love Blondie

Postby The Slider » 14 May 2024, 14:58

I'd rather have it off with '78 Deborah than '78 Sting though

Blondie - higher highs but only first and third albums have ever warranted my money
Police - more good stuff for longer - I own their entire back catalogue.

U2 are above both
So are the Bunnymen
Complete Ramones Mp3 set on its way

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Re: I love Blondie

Postby Fonz » 14 May 2024, 17:16

I love a lot of Blondie, up to and including ETTB. After that, forget it. I like the first couple of Police albums.
I like the first three U2 albums.

Some good stuff there.

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Re: I love Blondie

Postby Hightea » 18 May 2024, 21:51

Saw Blondie in the 70's several times she was a Queen and the band rocks.
I like the Police (aka band Mike Howlett first put together) and would most likely pick them over Blondie but it's close.

U2 I don't consider part of that area but I guess they are. u2 is better than both of them with multiple albums better then those bands. U2 will laugh all the way to the bank for you haters.

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