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Postby Jock » 23 Mar 2024, 11:19

We have a Jazz Club. Would a Soul Corner be used :)
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Re: Question

Postby robertff » 23 Mar 2024, 12:09

Jock wrote:We have a Jazz Club. Would a Soul Corner be used :)

The only way to find out is to try it and see, bearing in my mind that things are relatively quiet around here at the weekend. Just don’t be disheartened if the thread doesn’t grow.


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Re: Question

Postby Swiftie » 23 Mar 2024, 14:46

Jock wrote:Would a Soul Corner be used :)

Sorry, not by me lad

Nay, not by me

mudshark wrote:Where is he anyway, that very soft lad?

Limpin' Jez McKenzie
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Re: Question

Postby Limpin' Jez McKenzie » 23 Mar 2024, 20:47

It would probably be more popular than the Jazz Club.
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50 Shades Of Blue
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Re: Question

Postby 50 Shades Of Blue » 23 Mar 2024, 23:54

Awright J
I will make every effort to support it if you start one
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Re: Question

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 25 Mar 2024, 12:55

Jock wrote:We have a Jazz Club. Would a Soul Corner be used :)

"If you build it....."




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