RIP Eric Carmen

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Mike Boom
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RIP Eric Carmen

Postby Mike Boom » 12 Mar 2024, 22:26

Just found this out. Aged 74. Gutted.
The Raspberries were one of the greatest pop bands ever and "Overnight Sensation" remains one of my personal favorite songs. A soaring masterpiece right up there with "Good Vibrations" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the "epic pop single" stakes. What a voice.

"I know it sounds funny but I'm not in it for the money..."

and of course that wasn't the only one , "Go All The Way", "All By Myself", "Never Fall In Love Again" et all

RIP Mr Carmen and thanks for the music.

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Re: RIP Eric Carmen

Postby ChrisB » 12 Mar 2024, 23:43

Big fan of the Raspberries. Very clever pop band. Solo work not really interested in, but Eric was certainly a very talented guy

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Re: RIP Eric Carmen

Postby pcqgod » 13 Mar 2024, 01:03

I remember where I was when I first heard "Go all the way." Instantly a favorite; one of the great singles of pop/rock music. Carmen was a highly talented guy with the voice of an angel.
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