A Broadcast From the Computer Hell Cabin

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A Broadcast From the Computer Hell Cabin

Postby GoogaMooga » 07 Feb 2024, 13:14

NOW PLAYING: "Radio JXL: A Broadcast From the Computer Hell Cabin".

Dutch producer-cum-artist Tom Holkenburg AKA Junkie XL - now there's a DJ with an impressive resumé! He is the man who scored a worldwide smash for Dead Elvis with his remix of "A Little Less Conversation". And who can forget his exciting Jason Nevins vs. Run DMC remix of "It's Like That"?

Working with acts as diverse as Prodigy and Sepultura, Junkie XL is a musical alchemist when he trawls through the A-Z of popular music. His big score here is the king of rock'n'soul, the estimable pontiff Mister Solomon Burke.

In short, Junkie XL gives dee-jaying a good name; makes it seem almost respectable, as he deftly avoids the most obvious dance trappings of tub-thumping monotony and piss-boring predictability. No fear of dehydration here!

It's not a perfect comp, "A Broadcast From the Computer Hell Cabin", but it is left-field enough that you wanna play it to the end, both the uptempo 3 PM side and the more subdued and ambient 3 AM side.

Dancing or chilling, whichever way you choose to go, Junkie XL will guide you through a most pleasant seance. That is, if you can overcome any natural aversion you might have towards this kind of music. And that ain't easy.
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