Artists who are mainly or only served by comps

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Artists who are mainly or only served by comps

Postby GoogaMooga » 26 Jan 2024, 16:18

Following up on C's remark about avoiding comps (avoiding them so much that he's only got one Motown V.A.), I can follow him to a certain extent.

There is just something more original, collectible, and aesthetic about albums. They are an artform, whereas comps are an afterthought or they bring closure to a career. As such, they can be the death knell for some artists, unless of course those artists rake it in on sales of the aforementioned comps.

But how about the many artists, some BIG names among them, who only get compiled? Who can we name? I mean, what if C should get the inclination to collect Righteous Brothers?

They don't come much better than Righteous Brothers. But to find the original albums on CD is well-nigh impossible. Either it's Japan only or grey area, those albums just aren't available. So how about a 50 track GOLD comp? It's that or do without.
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Re: Artists who are mainly or only served by comps

Postby C » 26 Jan 2024, 16:49

GoogaMooga wrote:It's that or do without.

It would be the latter for me - irrespective of artiste/band if proper albums were difficult to track down

However, if there really somebody I was keen to collect I'd pay the going price.

Within reason - £50 per album [CD] might be my limit

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Re: Artists who are mainly or only served by comps

Postby pcqgod » 27 Jan 2024, 21:31

If we're talking cds, Fingerprintz only have two cd compilations available. For decades, none of their music available on cd, and then within a year or two, two cd comps, neither of which have my favorite songs by them!
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