Billy Hinsche RIP

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Billy Hinsche RIP

Postby GoogaMooga » 22 Nov 2021, 23:18

The Beach Boys mourn the passing of longtime touring member and session musician Billy Hinsche. I was lucky to see him live once on tour with Brian, at an open-air gig in Aalborg, Denmark. Billy was an integral part of the Beach Boys' 70s sound, and in later years also released DVD diaries of the band on the road. RIP ... 55749.html
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Re: Billy Hinsche RIP

Postby Charlie O. » 22 Nov 2021, 23:28

First came to public attention as the 13-year-old guitarist for Dino, Desi & Billy (alongside fellow rich kids Dino Martin and Desi Arnaz, Jr.), although I don't know how many of their records he actually played on. They toured as the BB's opening act in '65, which I assume is how he came into their orbit. His sister Annie married Carl Wilson.