Paddy Moloney RIP

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Paddy Moloney RIP

Postby C » 12 Oct 2021, 18:57

slightbreeze wrote:
C wrote:Will Barclay James Harvest feature well.....?

If we get as far as a top 100, I'd certainly consider it

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Re: Paddy Moloney RIP

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 12 Oct 2021, 19:02


Good innings.


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Re: Paddy Moloney RIP

Postby Jimbly » 12 Oct 2021, 22:48

A giant in Irish Music. Paddy was well aware of his importance. I saw The Chieftains live a few times, ripped the roof of the place everytime.
So Long Kid, Take A Bow.

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Re: Paddy Moloney RIP

Postby never/ever » 13 Oct 2021, 11:45

Sad to hear, he was a lovely gent. Had a chat with him after the band played in Amsterdam and followed that up with a low-key after party at a nearby Irish locale. Really dug his playing of the uileann pipes with the Chieftains and with artists like Mike Oldfield, Willie Nelson and Macca....
Saw his last interview on YouTube this morning. Dapper until the very end. Much respect and love.
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Re: Paddy Moloney RIP

Postby trans-chigley express » 13 Oct 2021, 12:06

I saw the Chieftains play in Melbourne in the 1995, they were superb. I love his playing of Uiliean pipes in particular and the section the plays on during Ommadawn part 2 is just glorious and one of the most played pieces of music in my collection. Apparently it was spontaneously played and he finished it at the exactly the right moment by instinct without instruction from Oldfield