YMCA one beat off

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Positive Passion
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YMCA one beat off

Postby Positive Passion » 30 Sep 2021, 15:21

Want a laugh? This is hilarious for the first couple of minutes

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The Slider
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Re: YMCA one beat off

Postby The Slider » 30 Sep 2021, 16:47

and meanwhile I'm still thinking

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harvey k-tel
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Re: YMCA one beat off

Postby harvey k-tel » 30 Sep 2021, 17:22

Tempora mutatur et nos mutamur in illis

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Tom Waits For No One
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Re: YMCA one beat off

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 30 Sep 2021, 17:41

Give a shit or be a shit.

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Re: YMCA one beat off

Postby Hugh » 30 Sep 2021, 17:44

Brian Eno’s losing his touch.

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Re: YMCA one beat off

Postby Neige » 01 Oct 2021, 07:51


The Slider wrote:Why?

Trying to "jazz it up", I suppose.
I like the idea, but it doesn't really work at all.
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Re: YMCA one beat off

Postby Muskrat » 03 Oct 2021, 18:34

I’ll have to say, I’m relieved to see there’s more than one way in which “YMCA” and “one beat off” can make sense in the same sentence.
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