Sarah Harding RIP

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Positive Passion
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Sarah Harding RIP

Postby Positive Passion » 05 Sep 2021, 15:11

I was no fan of Girls Aloud, but 39 is no age. Cancer is a fucker.

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Re: Sarah Harding RIP

Postby C » 05 Sep 2021, 16:07

Very sad. That's no age

RIP Sarah

LMG wrote:Everyone I have ever met was at Baker's Airforce show where it was recorded. My boss, various ex-girlfriends, my postman was reminiscing about it the other day. My Mum went, my Dad and both sets of grandparents. I got stuck at home with a babysitter!

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Re: Sarah Harding RIP

Postby John_K » 05 Sep 2021, 16:19

A fucker indeed, of the worst sort.

21 years ago it took my brother-in-law at 32 years of age, it's particularly tragic when it takes the young.

RIP Sarah...