Old farts at play

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Re: Old farts at play

Postby “Maxwell” » 20 May 2021, 14:03

kath wrote:or maybe... just maybe... whatever you think of the results... musicians who have been into music all their lives are gonna stay that way til they die?

just a possibility.

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Dr Markus wrote:
Someone in your line of work usually as their own man cave aka the shed we're they can potter around fixing stuff or something don't they?

Flower wrote:I just did a google search.

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Re: Old farts at play

Postby Robert » 20 May 2021, 21:57

mudshark wrote:Rorsch, you've got yourself a multi-pager here. Well done! I've got lots of input, but most of it will have to wait because I'm dealing with the Spring Creek Flood and a bottle of Bulleit. To be more specific: We got fucking flooded again (the 4th 100-year flood since 2016) and I'm watching the wife fixing the fence while having me some rye. For now: I'm pretty much with the guy that said Macca only composed 2 good songs after the Beatles thingy, except that it's 4 and that's he's done those in the same 4 variations, over and over, for 40 years, which in itself is brilliant. Didn't Mozart did the same? I wouldn't fucking know.

A bit like shipping valves for 40 years or so. You would think it’s time to ship apples,.......... or anything by now.

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Re: Old farts at play

Postby mudshark » 20 May 2021, 22:15

Valves?? I think not Robert. I've shipped so many thousands of tons of oil drill pipes all over the world that I have a carbon footprint the size of a major airline. But I don;t want to milk it ;-)
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Re: Old farts at play

Postby Rorschach » 21 May 2021, 17:34

Darkness_Fish wrote:I knew I shouldn't have dragged my hatred of Macca into this.

The thread wasn't intended to be about McCartney per se but, you know, these things take on a life of their own.

Darkness_Fish wrote:However, I can't stand by and see people make slanderous accusations such as "not daft" and "interesting" against my good name.

Yes. Sorry about that. It was quite uncalled for and clearly just an attempt to wind you up. In truth, I have a very low opinion of you and roll my eyes whenever you post. And then put you on my list of enemies-who-must-be-put-up-against-a-wall-and-shot. And then I write to my MP to complain about you because you are so awful.
(not really)

Darkness_Fish wrote:To be fair to Mr McCartney, he probably has branched out a little more than some of the old rock/pop duffers of yore, but I still wouldn't want to hear it. But whenever I'm subjected to a new song, it seems to be very much a quick cheery ditty dashed out in no time, offering nothing new. I don't want to appear ageist or anything, but he's lived a long life, he's probably had life experiences none of us could even dream of. It just seems to me that if you were an artist with his resources and experience, you'd want to impart something of more depth, it just doesn't seem that creative, more of a reflex action of someone merely doing what they do.

Fair enough.
He has always done that though, to some extent. His 'genius' was always in being able to craft songs in a variety of styles will remarkable ease. The prevailing wisdom seems to be something like that that Lennon was the cake and McCartney was the icing and a lot of people find a big slab of icing a bit much.


Anyway, I've always enjoyed his quick cheery ditties and I'm quite happy for him to churn out more. I don't think there's a rule that says he has to become more profound just because he's got older.
But I get that you don't like it and I can see what you mean by 'pointless'.

But anyway, the point I was trying to make in this thread was that, regardless of what you think of them, he and Tom Jones have made conscious attempts to be up-to-date. Do people have an opinion as to how successful they have been in that regard and can they think of anyone else who is doing it?
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