Butch/Jaki and a farewell to Scally.

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Re: Butch/Jaki and a farewell to Scally.

Postby C » 21 May 2021, 21:59

A great album in great company plus some of one of Scally's fave album

Thanks Chris
Thanks kath
Thanks Les
Thanks John
Thanks Dave

To absent friends: Reap, Loki, Footy & Scally

and Jaki, Keith Gemmell & Conny Plank


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Re: Butch/Jaki and a farewell to Scally.

Postby Six String » 21 May 2021, 21:59

Thanks everyone for an interesting and new to me album. I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you next time.
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Re: Butch/Jaki and a farewell to Scally.

Postby kath » 21 May 2021, 22:00

that was wunnerful. all of it.

thanks, everyone, for always making it special.

a toast to absent friends. to scally. while my interaction with him was limited, it seems i just talked to him on the board a few months ago, he was always a class act, witty, lovely, cool. much love to his family and friends. ya know, even seeing his avatar used to cheer me up.

a toast to all.



have a great weekend.

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Re: Butch/Jaki and a farewell to Scally.

Postby never/ever » 21 May 2021, 22:16

All the best everyone!
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