new Todd Rundgren/Sparks single

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new Todd Rundgren/Sparks single

Postby Charlie O. » 04 May 2021, 06:07

Fifty years on from Todd getting Sparks signed and producing their first album, they've issued an actual collaboration.

Unlike kath, my Todd fanaticism pretty much cuts off around 1975 - and though I've tried, I'm afraid Sparks will probably always be a bit of a question mark to me. So I don't mind saying that my first impression of this was that whoever made the video [edit: LIISA VÄÄRISKOSKI] probably put more time and effort into it than Rundgren and the Maels put into the song. I mean, it really is pretty slight.

Yet somehow, it's an earworm. I keep returning to it, and darned if I know why.


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Re: new Todd Rundgren/Sparks single

Postby Rorschach » 04 May 2021, 08:08

I just heard the song the other day and my impression was similar to yours, but without the earworm element. I've always liked early Sparks (including their first two albums) but not so much the later stuff and never that fussed about Todd Rundgren. So I wasn't inclined to listen again.
Bugger off.

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trans-chigley express
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Re: new Todd Rundgren/Sparks single

Postby trans-chigley express » 04 May 2021, 11:08

Sounded like very typical latter-day Sparks and I liked it

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Re: new Todd Rundgren/Sparks single

Postby kath » 05 May 2021, 21:18

Charlie O. wrote:Unlike kath,..

this, charlie, is where you err in life.

yes, this is where you stray off the highway into a rest stop, yer car breaks down, and you suddenly realize yer phone is dead. ya know you'll be eating vending machine chips for hours.

not that we haven't all been there, frankly. okay, never mind.

p.s. i like the track. it's (predictably) weird, groovy and fun.

p.s. 2.0: toddtoddtodd.