Coen Connections.

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Coen Connections.

Postby Mr Maps » 22 Feb 2007, 13:44

I am a big fan of the Coen Brothers and have noticed the films allude to each other at times.
In Miller's Crossing, Tom's apartment building is called Barton Arms, their next film was Barton Fink.
In Raising Arizona, Hi gets a job in a factory and his overalls read, 'Hudsucker Industries'. A few films later they made The Hudsucker Proxy.
In Blood Simple there is a detective (the wonderful M. Emmet Walsh) following people in a blue volkswagon bug. In The Big Lebowski another detective (the wonderful Jon Polito) does the same.
Are there ahy others people have noticed I can add to my geeky list?

and which actor shows up in the most films by them?
Steve Buschemi, John Goodman, Jon Polito, John Turturro...?
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