Your old musical prejudices

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Re: Your old musical prejudices

Postby fange » 10 Jun 2018, 23:59

Davey the Fat Boy wrote:
fange wrote:No way! Being musically selective but open, fine; being musically closed off and prejudiced, unrewarding.

Everything is a matter of degrees. Being too open-minded is as bad as being too closed off. Part of living is learning. Learning is ultimately about discrimination.

At some level - I generally find declarations of musical open-mindedness to be a bit annoying. You find the good in the latest Jason Mraz album. I only have a finite time on this planet.

Hey, hey - let's not get crazy here.
Jonny Spencer wrote:
fange wrote:I've got my quad pants on and i'm ready for some Cock.

By CHRIST you're a man after my own sideways sausage, Ange!