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Postby Dor-Relip Hotels and Bathings » 27 Feb 2018, 09:13

There's probably an old thread somewhere, but...

I love the city and I've planned a short break after Easter. But it's been a few years since I was last there, and I'm wondering if much has changed since all the shit with the referendum and the terrorist attack on the Ramblas.

Mainly I hope they haven't cleaned up Raval, and I can still get a curry at 4 am in one of those back streets...

Anyone visited recently?
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Re: Barcelona

Postby Toby » 27 Feb 2018, 19:33

No, not been for over 5 years. No real desire to go back, other than with the lad perhaps to go and see the football.

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Re: Barcelona

Postby PENK » 27 Feb 2018, 19:56

My sister lives there, so we went a couple of years ago to visit. She lives in Poblenou, which is really nice: lots going on, but away from the main tourist drag. Her boyfriend being local helped when it came to finding the good places in an area like that, of course. And there are lots of cool little shops and restaurants in Gràcia too. We had the little one with us so had to adapt to his schedule a bit and didn't do any major sightseeing stuff. To be honest I don't like the centre of Barcelona, the Ramblas and the old town and all that. It's all mocked up for the Brits and French and Americans.

Life goes on, you know. I don't get the impression that the daily routine there is much different since all the shit went down.

I remember that going back to Madrid a year or two after the recession was a bit depressing - everyone was out of work, the place felt dead - but nowadays I think you'd get the usual vibe.
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