Jagger's lyrics

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Re: Jagger's lyrics

Postby C » 10 Jan 2020, 18:56

C wrote:[At the London Palladium] They did Ruby and changed the lyric to Let's Spend the Night Together under duress


I am now thinking - did they change the lyric...?

They may not have done

Calling a Stones expert please...!

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reap gives me this wicked grin and replies, "not if we play zep."

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Matt Wilson
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Re: Jagger's lyrics

Postby Matt Wilson » 10 Jan 2020, 20:06

I know they changed the lyrics on the Sullivan show, not sure about the London Palladium.

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George P. Smackers
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Re: Jagger's lyrics

Postby George P. Smackers » 11 Jan 2020, 16:57

I've always thought Jagger's lyrics about women made him a creep.

Never even occurred to me that misogyny was defensible as some sort of "bad boy" or "rebellious" thing because treating women like crap is not exactly a bold deviation from the norm. I suppose it's "edgy" in the most contemptible way. Kicking down.

I always figured he thought it made him cool because it expressed some bluesman b.s. "my mean old lady" trope. It's still a load.