BCB cup 2018 R1 M5 -Mangey Fange

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Nick Danger
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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Nick Danger » 04 Feb 2018, 13:40


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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby harvey k-tel » 04 Feb 2018, 19:13

B, I think.
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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby KeithPratt » 05 Feb 2018, 09:52

Heart - Petula Clark - A surprising stormer!
Hero Takes a Fall - The Bangles - Hilariously bad
Why Don’t You Smile Now - The All Night Workers - Curious historical artefact but it passed me by.
Oh Lori - Alessi Brothers - I came back to this a second time, and a third. I shouldn't have, but I did.
This Ain’t No Picnic - The Minutemen - CAN EVERYONE JUST STOP IT
A Chapter Must Be Closed - Holy Son - Liked this. Might explore further.
Liberty Ship - The La’s I like the La's but I always thought this one was a bit weak
Back Up Train - Al Green - One of my favourite Al Green tunes.

The Clash – Remote Control - Meh. A bit obvious.
Don and Dewey – Justine - BCB Soul
Everly Brothers – Gone, Gone, Gone - Great haircuts
Wild Flag – Short Version - I just don't like this sort of thing.
Bert Jansch – Poison - Ace.
Mel Brown – Chicken Fat - CLUCK CLUCK
The Who – I Can See For Miles - Obvious but still amazing.
Edwin Starr – Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On - Oh BCB!

Hmmm. Difficult one this. B is again ticking the BCB Consensus boxes. Old black and white dudes, Jansch, The Who, The Clash, the requisite nods to soul and barbed but shite indie. I love the Jansch, The Who and Mel Brown, but it's too classic for me, nothing to explore any further.

A is a mixed bunch. I liked the Petula Clark, Alessi Bros (a brave choice), Holy Son and Al Green. There's a little bit more of a singular vision to it, which in this Cup context, I think I prefer. I'm getting a bit bored of the soul, indie, psyche, bollock-beating middle of the round consensus that is happening with a few of these choices. Even though the Minutemen are nauseatingly bad and the Bangles forgettable, I think it's A but by a whisker.

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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Geezee » 05 Feb 2018, 12:26

A is my favourite list of those I've seen and heard so far, excellent mix.
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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Jimbly » 05 Feb 2018, 13:06

Image So Long Kid, Take A Bow.

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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Tapiocahead » 05 Feb 2018, 14:36

More songs songsy songsy songsy A
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Mike Boom
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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Mike Boom » 05 Feb 2018, 22:36

This was close, nice La's track on A but B has more for me and has more consistent goodness.

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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby martha » 06 Feb 2018, 00:12


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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Buddha B-Rex » 06 Feb 2018, 01:15

Freak out. Far out.

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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Samoan » 06 Feb 2018, 15:55


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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby Butch Manly » 06 Feb 2018, 18:33

A takes more chances that pay off. I will turn a blind eye to the Minutemen this time.

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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5

Postby The Modernist » 06 Feb 2018, 21:25


I had to count this a couple of times, but A takes it just.

A: 16 B: 14

One of the favourites for the title has fallen. B was Fange. Sorry Ange, I'm sure you'll be back to winning ways for the next cup competition.

Three more tracks from A please.

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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5 -Mangey Fange

Postby clive gash » 07 Feb 2018, 12:12

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Re: BCB cup 2018 R1 M5 -Mangey Fange

Postby fange » 07 Feb 2018, 15:26

nev harp wrote:A

Don't make me come over there, gashy. :x
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