Round 2 Match 8 - The Shite Profile

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Round 2 Match 8 - The Shite Profile

Postby PENK » 09 Feb 2016, 19:46

List A

Bob Dylan - She's Your Lover Now (A cover in lieu of actual version on Youtube)
Sleater Kinney- Dig Me Out
Kendrick Lamaar- I
The Weeknd- Wicked Games
David Bowie- Sound and Vision
Big Youth- Screaming Target
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes- Wake Up Everybody
Miles Davis- Ssh/Peaceful
Underworld- Pearls Girl
Funkadelic- Can you get to that
Courtney Barnett- Avant Gardener

List B

The Fall – Psycho Mafia ..
Lou Reed – Satellite Of Love ..
Deerhunter – Never Stops ..
Mongo Santamaria – Hippo Walk ..
The Rolling Stones – Citadel ..
Suede – Animal Nitrate ..
Darry Weaver – Itty Bitty Betty ..
The Ikettes – What’cha Gonna Do (When I Leave You) ..
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River ..
The Clash - 1977 ..
Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning ..
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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby The Write Profile » 09 Feb 2016, 20:39

Two of my favorite lists, but A shades it on variety
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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Samoan » 09 Feb 2016, 20:51

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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Purgatory Brite » 09 Feb 2016, 21:52


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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby toomanyhatz » 09 Feb 2016, 22:18

I wish B's new ones were a bit more outside of BCB's wheelhouse, but there's no getting around the fact that it might be the only list where I like every single song.
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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby whodathunkit » 09 Feb 2016, 22:25

Very close.


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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby kath » 09 Feb 2016, 23:05

i must've missed these on the first go round (i've been out of town), but while i do like a goodly bit of A, this one isn't close for me. i love B. all of it.


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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Unward Brank » 09 Feb 2016, 23:26

Shame these two have been drawn together. A is very good but

B is magnificent!
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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Ranking Ted » 09 Feb 2016, 23:55

These are two absolutely EXCELLENT lists. Its a shame to vote against either. The hit rate on B is really hard to beat. Sorry A


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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby hippopotamus » 09 Feb 2016, 23:55

B is a Lovely list.
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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby fange » 10 Feb 2016, 02:25

Two lists I can really enjoy, shame they had to meet here.
B is just a bit more to my tastes as they stand. There's a wonderful bit in that live CCR clip which made me smile - as John F is picking out the notes at 1:16, he does an ecstatic slide to the left when Tom comes in with that stinging little 2-note figure. Transported by his own song and band! Love it.

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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby T. Willy Rye » 10 Feb 2016, 04:00

Two mighty fine lists.

B by a whisker.

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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Loki » 10 Feb 2016, 07:58


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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby The Fish » 10 Feb 2016, 09:24

There's no rule of course that you can't pick tracks from last year, and i'd be more than happy to uncover some new gem from the last twelve months, but Jeez Kendrick Lamar AND Courtney Barnett. Raiding the top of the year end lists just makes me think is that the best you can do.

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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Rayge » 10 Feb 2016, 10:45


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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Neige » 10 Feb 2016, 13:05

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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Polishgirl » 10 Feb 2016, 15:10

Tricky one, but it's a B
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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby martha » 10 Feb 2016, 15:46

both are boring to me, but...A?


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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby WG Kaspar » 10 Feb 2016, 17:38

I run out of talent

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Re: Round 2 Match 8

Postby Count Machuki » 10 Feb 2016, 17:43

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