LA COPA: R4, M5 - Martha's binyard!

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Snarfyguy » 01 Mar 2010, 21:36

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Hotblack Desiato » 01 Mar 2010, 21:58

Count Machuki wrote: B

Nice Rodriguez pick, among others. The new 5 don't do much for me at all, though.

Agree entirely - infact I'd go so far as to say "I used to love her, but it's all over now". However A has failed to capitalise on my disenchantment proffering The Lords Of The New Church :shock: and The Wedding Present :? - well clearly that's no way to pull so I'm going back home with B again - but with added disappointment.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby kath » 01 Mar 2010, 22:03

close, but


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Hugh » 01 Mar 2010, 22:05


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 01 Mar 2010, 22:05


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby whodathunkit » 01 Mar 2010, 22:07

The new 5 haven't helped either of these much. A particularly has lost it's way.


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Leg of lamb » 01 Mar 2010, 22:10

B was going great guns but seems to have got lost lately. I like the Roxy pick but otherwise it's pretty backward. Nevertheless, before the last 10 or so it had a really nice variety of moods and textures. Velvelettes, Pablo/Tubby, etc.

A needs to be taken out to pasture. Now.

Buck up in the next round!
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Marquis de Scarborough » 01 Mar 2010, 22:12

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Butch Manly » 01 Mar 2010, 22:17

Finding You by the Go-Betweens is inspired. A personal favourite.

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby B » 01 Mar 2010, 22:22

Takes some Big balls to use that Phil Ochs song

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Neil Jung » 01 Mar 2010, 22:33

B - some if it is a bit obvious but it's better than A.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Penk! » 01 Mar 2010, 22:37

B wins by virtue of having some good stuff on there (and by not being A), but it's going to have to liven up a bit, as it's a bit mixed so far.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby toomanyhatz » 01 Mar 2010, 22:44

Two of my lesser favorites left. B, I guess.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Ranking Ted » 01 Mar 2010, 22:55

B is a very good list indeed, clear winner here.


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Jude » 01 Mar 2010, 22:56

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Magilla » 01 Mar 2010, 22:57

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Beno » 01 Mar 2010, 23:11

The big guns in the new 5 get my vote on this one. The Soft Cell pick is particularly good.


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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby Jimbly » 01 Mar 2010, 23:24

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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby clive gash » 02 Mar 2010, 00:05

A has a handful of goodies but goths out somewhat. B may lack bats but scores big with Ochs, I Guess I'm Dumb and the raunch of the Groundhogs amongst many others. Hope it goes all the way.
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Re: LA COPA: R4, M5

Postby John_K » 02 Mar 2010, 00:08