BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8 - Frimley Griendish!

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BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8 - Frimley Griendish!

Postby Butch Manly » 21 Feb 2010, 19:24

List A:

Irma Thomas - Break-A-Way - link
Pleasure Seekers - What a Way to Die - link
Shoes - Tomorrow Night - link
Jay Reatard - I Know a Place - link
Soft Machine - Why Are We Sleeping? - link
Link Wray - Deuces Wild - link
Gal Costa - Tuareg - link
Vic Godard & Subway Sect - A Different Story - link
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right - link
Buddy Holly - True Love Ways - link
Thelonious Monk - Bye-Ya - link
The Who - Disguises - link
King Tubby - King at the Control - link
Brian Eno - Cindy Tells Me - link
The Saints - Know Your Product - link
Young Marble Giants - N.I.T.A. - link
The Gun Club - Jack on Fire - link
Bob Dylan - It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry - link
The Ronettes - I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine - link
Velvet Underground - Foggy Notion - link

List B:

"substitute" the who
"backfield in motion" mel and tim
"when the two sevens clash" culture
"moonlight in vermont"....captain beefheart
"god only knows"... the beach boys
"autobahn"... kraftwerk
"something in the air"... thunderclap newman
"happy together"... the turtles
"crosstown traffic"... jmi hendrix experience
"solid air"... john martyn.
"sha-la-la.la-lee"... the small faces
"roadrunner"....jonothan richman/modern lovers
"bam bam"....sister nancy
"america".....simon and garfunkel
america....the nice
"bustin out"...material (featuring nona hendryx)
"roast fish and cornbread"....lee "scratch" perry
"domino theory"...weather report
"flamenco sketches"....miles davis..("alternate" take) from the columbia legacy issue
"concrete and clay"..unit 4+2
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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Doctor Gonzo » 21 Feb 2010, 19:25


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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Minnie the Minx » 21 Feb 2010, 19:26

You come at the Queen, you best not miss.

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Someone in your line of work usually as their own man cave aka the shed we're they can potter around fixing stuff or something don't they?

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Goat Boy » 21 Feb 2010, 19:29

There's plenty good stuff with B but it's far too predictable for this stage so A on default although the Ronettes pick (a previous pick of my own) is KILLER....

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Brin » 21 Feb 2010, 19:31

Beebsy wrote:The guys are wankers, we all know that.

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby The Dríver » 21 Feb 2010, 19:33

I wasn't blown away by any of the new tracks, so I have to base this on the earlier tracks. It has to be B
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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Count Machuki » 21 Feb 2010, 19:36


on the strength of the list as a whole, but the other competitor has a better new 5
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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby harvey k-tel » 21 Feb 2010, 19:51

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Hugh » 21 Feb 2010, 19:52


Bustin' Out - fab.

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Buddha B-Rex » 21 Feb 2010, 19:53

Freak out. Far out.

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Neil Jung » 21 Feb 2010, 19:54

Not sure about the slightly precious ("alternate" take) from the columbia legacy issue... but

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Magilla » 21 Feb 2010, 20:07

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 21 Feb 2010, 20:07

Very, very close.

I'm going for


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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Dr. Baron » 21 Feb 2010, 20:19

I like B quite a bit, but I like A better.

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby Cosmic American Girl » 21 Feb 2010, 20:25


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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby whodathunkit » 21 Feb 2010, 20:26

A is a good solid list. I keep trying not to vote for B. Then they throw in another goodie. "Domino Theory". Spot on!

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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby T. Willy Rye » 21 Feb 2010, 20:27


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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby clive gash » 21 Feb 2010, 20:38

Two similar sensibilities here, B slightly edges it with it's appreciation of bigger, more flavoursome chunks as opossed to A's more brittle tastes.
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Re: BCB CUP2010: Round 3, Match 8

Postby C » 21 Feb 2010, 20:44


kath wrote:(she squints, focusing all her concentration...)

inn dooooob ittt ableeee.