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Re: Manchester Winter Jolly Up - Nov 29th

Posted: 13 Feb 2017, 19:07
by sloopjohnc
Minnie Cheddars wrote:
Minnie Cheddars wrote:
The Smamfy wrote:

Hmmm, nice.

In all fairness the San Francisco JU was a bit like this. Toomanyhatz stubbed his cigarette out on sloops wife, and thus enraged, sloop took the lukewarm enchiladas and inserted them sideways up hatz' rectum, before shitting in it.

Meanwhile, toomanypillowz and I slid our razorblades from underneath our ballet pumps and whilst Nick Lowe strummed, we carved our gang names on each others sorry asses.

When sloop had finished shitting in toomanyhatz' rectum, he sewed it shut with some piano wire.



If only it had been that exciting.

Re: Manchester Winter Jolly Up - Nov 29th

Posted: 01 Apr 2017, 16:50
by Six String
Oh it was.....