CHICAGO - MAY 25th WEEKEND - 2007: JUotA

Backslapping time. Well done us. We are fantastic.
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Postby Sambient » 21 Jun 2007, 03:39

Hey, did any of the other Days Inners put anything negative on the email feedback survey? I mean, my experience was overall nice, though I really kept getting a whiff of urine in the foyer of my room. I might have commented on this to some of you when we were discussing the waiver you sign regarding smoking happening in a non-smoking room.
In any case, seems in their desire to make sure everything is wonderful, I qualify for a free upgrade next time I stay there. I can book a regular room, and get upgraded to an executive. Based on availability and presentation of my letter, of course.
Doubt I'll wind up using it, but good to know.

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Re: CHICAGO - MAY 25th WEEKEND - 2007: JUotA

Postby Dr. Baron » 23 May 2015, 23:07

I remember jamming out with the Fish at the Liars Club, pizza with Loveless, a Bloody Mary with my Chicago friends, sitting in the back of the Duke of Perth (amazed to be in the presence of my favorite midwesterners, including nathan), and talking about Johnny Taylor with Kid P at about 3am. And sitting outside in the drizzle with Griff. What a debacle. Eight years ago! Wish I could be there now, but . . . other fish to fry. Oh yes, cheese curds in Wrigleyville with Slang King, the coldest ballgame with Hatz, and hot dogs with loveless. It's all coming back to me.
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Re: CHICAGO - MAY 25th WEEKEND - 2007: JUotA

Postby Phenomenal Cat » 25 May 2015, 20:25

Big Business Bobob wrote: It's all coming back to me.

Then you weren't there.

But somehow when you smile, I can brave bad weather.