Whose breasts are better?

Backslapping time. Well done us. We are fantastic.

Whose breasts are better?

Poll ended at 18 Dec 2003, 00:42

The Midnight Special's
Total votes: 59

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Postby Poppypoobah » 05 Dec 2003, 02:00

myrrhtha wrote:suicidegirls.com
I'll be there about 9:30ish my time?

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Postby Giselle » 05 Dec 2003, 06:13

gosh, I could look at that one picture forever, (Midnight Special?)
I like when her white tank-top gets just a little stuck then... "Voila!"
(I never look at stuff like that on the net, so it's a teat...I mean treat.)
Mine have gotten big, since I've gotten bigger, <> WW2-missile shaped?
(not a suntan in sight, so you can see the veins, and the large, pale pink nipples. Not droopy, cuz I had very little ones when I was young and "gamine.")
THEYRE JUST BREASTS fer god sakes!!!!
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Postby Guest » 05 Dec 2003, 07:55

And hooray for boobies.

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Postby Mr Maps » 13 May 2004, 14:13

It's been too long, we need more threads like this.

Hooray indeed.
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Postby Butch Manly » 26 Aug 2005, 16:06

spesh, your tits have disappeared.
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Johnny Fartpants

Postby Johnny Fartpants » 26 Aug 2005, 16:59

Jimmy the Giraffe wrote:spesh, your tits have disappeared.

I wish mine would.