Laydeez & Gentl'men, QUACO'S BIRTHDAY THREAD

Backslapping time. Well done us. We are fantastic.
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Postby eelpie62 » 08 Jan 2006, 02:28

Happy birthday, man!
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The Red Heifer
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Postby The Red Heifer » 08 Jan 2006, 02:30

Damnit :(

Happy Birthday man! :lol:
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Postby Matty Red Sox » 08 Jan 2006, 02:38

Nice! Happy BD!
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Billybob Dylan
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Postby Billybob Dylan » 08 Jan 2006, 02:41

Jim - sorry I didn't get a cahnce to contribute to Fred's fabulous fred... er... I mean thread. Been busy in Vegas. Couldn't get to a computer 'til now.

Happy birthday, mate.
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Postby Snarfyguy » 08 Jan 2006, 02:42

Am I late to the party?

Wishing you a happy birthday, Jimmy, while listening to some new Pink Floyd bootlegs. :D
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Postby PENK » 08 Jan 2006, 03:50

I knew there was something I forgot to do. :(
Happy birthday Quaco, the one poster who tries to understand why I'm wrong rather than just laughing at me.
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Postby toomanyhatz » 08 Jan 2006, 05:53

Letter #3: Two jolly ups ago, recalled Matt Wilson, Jimmy told me that I would never truly understand this Yes song (whose title escapes me--it's on Relayer, "The Gates of something-or-other...?") until I'd had my heart broken. He told me this at a bar at the end of the evening when it was just me, him, and Toomanyhatz. A classic moment, and one worth repeating.

A memory I will always treasure. That and being called "sweet" by Jimmy in a recent thread. Well, right backatcha, Jimmy. You are not only a total sweetheart, you are an endless source of wisdom, amusement, and a caring soul. I wish you the best of everything not only today but every day. Many hugz.

The song's Gates of Delerium, btw. In fact I bought Relayer used on Quaco's recommendation recently. Apparently I haven't suffered enough either. I didn't get it. I'll stick with The Yes Album and the first one. I'm with you on Abba, though.
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Phil T

Postby Phil T » 08 Jan 2006, 08:20

Penk Ref 41°N 93°W wrote:I knew there was something I forgot to do. :(

Damn! Same here! :roll:

Happy birthday anyway! :D

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Postby Walk In My Shadow » 08 Jan 2006, 09:23

Late for my contribution to Neverknows' story.

Still happy birthday my good man!


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Re: Laydeez & Gentl'men, QUACO'S BIRTHDAY THREAD

Postby Pat O'Banton » 08 Jan 2006, 11:02

neverknows wrote:It has been reported that this was the moment when Quaco nearly broke down and cried.

me too, actually.

bravo, fred.

and happy birthday, jimmy. we love you.
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Postby Carl's Son » 08 Jan 2006, 11:44

Happy Birthday.

You write some of the most well thought out and written stuff on this board

I can just about handle you driving like a pissed up crackhead and treating women like beanbags but I'm gonna say this once and once only Gene, stay out of Camberwick Green!

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Postby trans-chigley express » 08 Jan 2006, 11:45

I'm another one who clean forgot to make a contribution to the opening thread.

I always take the time to read and digest Quaco's posts as his tastes are very close to my own, but he has a wonderful knack of giving new insights into music I thought I knew so well. He makes me listen to old favourites with fresh ears.

I don't bother with birthday threads but I'll make an exception here. Happy Birthday Jimmy.
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Postby Diamond Dog » 08 Jan 2006, 11:49

Fuck it, totally slipped my mind.

Great stuff Fred. And have a great day Jimmy!
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Postby Toby » 08 Jan 2006, 11:49

Quaco showed a side hitherto unexplored when he sent me some of his own ambient recordings and the Conet Recordings boxset. I shall endeavour to repay the favour soon.

Happy Birthday Jimmy.

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Postby Hugh » 08 Jan 2006, 11:57

The Muse refused to deliver a contribution from me. Happy Birthday Jimmy. What a cool present Fred has given you.

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Postby My name is Spaulding » 08 Jan 2006, 12:38

neverknows wrote:I got blisters at mah fingerz!

but it was worth it!! Excellent job, Fred, you could make some money out of editing.

Have a great day, Jimmy.

Slider is 40?
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Postby Diamond Dog » 08 Jan 2006, 13:15

Captain Spaulding wrote:
neverknows wrote:I got blisters at mah fingerz!

but it was worth it!! Excellent job, Fred, you could make some money out of editing.

Have a great day, Jimmy.

Slider is 40?

He is. By the way, fancy attending my 21st birthday party at the end of January?
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Postby marios » 08 Jan 2006, 13:18

Happy Birthday dude!

Bet you weren't expecting this! :lol:


Postby moonie » 08 Jan 2006, 13:20

Happy Birthday, Mr. Quacks...

I hope your day is as eventful as the legendary story created about you!

Good on you too, Mista Neverknows...


Postby sensi » 08 Jan 2006, 13:28