Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Backslapping time. Well done us. We are fantastic.
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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Brother Spoon » 20 Sep 2013, 05:59

pig bodine wrote:Best thread since the fake TV show one. Thanks for the Motorpsycho heads up. I had heard the name, but this is the first time I've heard them, and now I will be looking for the album.

This may be the one for you, Mr Bodine!

Edit: I see it's some sort of art project re-edit to fit an old movie. Still, you get the gist of it.

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby soundchaser » 20 Sep 2013, 09:42

Well done Brother Spoon, an epic undertaking that I have followed with interest, even if I hadn't heard of most of the albums :oops:. I thought the Oasis selection of Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants was controversially brave and I really enjoyed listening to that again: if Noel Gallagher was spectacularly fucked up, the album was all the better for it.

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Spec » 20 Sep 2013, 09:49

This was a great idea brilliantly executed. Because of the quality of the writing I found myself reading everything even when I had no interest in the band. I've still got quite a few clips to listen to.

Well done and thank you for keeping me entertained for the past few weeks.

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Neige » 20 Sep 2013, 10:57

Really enjoyed that too, a real fun ride...

Ghost of Harry Smith wrote:Hey a favour thanks you have the whole lot as one list you could post?

Yep, that would be excellent.
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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Brother Spoon » 20 Sep 2013, 18:05

That list - except for some reason it copies with the numbers reversed.

1. Size, Roni / Reprazent: In the mode
2. Recoil : Liquid
3. Gallon drunk: Black milk
4. Anastacia: Not that kind
5. Offspring: Conspiracy of one
6. Einsturzende Neubauten: 9-15-2000, Brussels
7. Dowd, Johnny: Temporary shelter
8. Thomas, David: Bay city
9. Douglas, Dave: A thousand evenings
10. Echoboy: : Vol 2
11. Kronos quartet: Caravan
12. Peacock, Annette: An acrobat’s heart
13. Chambers, Kasey: The captain
14. Carthy, Eliza: Angels & cigarettes
15. Melanie C: Northern star
16. Spice girls: Forever
17. Jarre, Jean-Michel: Metamorphoses
18. El Achab, Amar: Le chaabi des grands maîtres
19. Shah, Raha: Tibetan bowls. The healing vibrations
20. Sidestepper: More grip
21. Satriani, Joe: Engines of creation
22. Cherry, Eagle-eye: Living in the present future
23. Tangerine dream: Tang-go. The best of 1990-2000
24. Fishbone: Psychotic friends nuttwerx
25. Black eyed peas: Bridging the gap
26. Tavener, John: Fall and resurrection
27. Einsturzende neubauten: Silence is sexy
28. Plon, Kenneth: Simplicity.
29. Chicago underground trio: Flamethrower
30. AC acoustics: Understanding music
31. Photek: Solaris
32. Placebo: Black market music
33. Williams, Robbie: Sing when you’re winning
34. Shivaree: I oughta give you a shot in the head for making me live in a dump like this
35. Portman, Rachel: Chocolat
36. Mansell, Clint: Requiem for a dream
37. Ozric tentacles: Swirly termination
38. Har mar superstar: Har mar superstar
39. A perfect circle: Mer de noms
40. Bronner, Till: Chattin with Chet
41. Busy signals: Baby’s first beats
42. Fila Brazillia: Brazilification. Remixes 95-99
43. Arthur, Joseph: Come to where I’m from
44. Explosions in the sky: How strange, innocence
45. Shellac: 1000 hurts professional

46. Saariaho, Kaija: From the grammar of dreams
47. Enya: A day without rain
48. All saints: Saints and sinners
49. Das pop: I love
50. Brookmeyer, Bob: Madly loving you
51. City of Prague philharmonic: A history of horror
52. Fatboy Slim: Greatest remixes
53. Rea, Chris: King of the beach
54. Medeski Martin & Wood: The dropper
55. Chapman, Tracy: Telling stories
56. Sonic sum: Sanity annex
57. Mooney Suzuki: People get ready
58. Simon, Carly: The bedroom tapes
59. Lucky bishops: Lucky bishops.
60. Madredeus: Antologia (1987-2000)
61. O’Connor, Sinead: Faith and courage
62. Pine, Courtney: Back in the day
63. DJ Food: Kaleidoscope
64. King, B.B. / Eric Clapton: Riding with the king
65. Van Helden, Armand: Killing puritans
66. Bad religion: The new America
67. Osborne, Joan: Righteous love
68. Joi: We are three
69. Reed, Lou: Ecstasy
70. Los amigos invisibles: Arepa 3000
71. Takemitsu, Toru: I hear the water dreaming
72. Los lobos: Run away with you
73. Thievery corporation: The mirror conspiracy
74. Ten Benson: Hiss
75. Januaries: Januaries
76. Six by seven: The closer you get
77. Mojave 3: Excuses for travellers
78. U2: Million dollar hotel OST
79. Scott, Jill: Who is Jill Scott?
80. Tangerine dream: The seven letters from Tibet
81. Delta 72: 000
82. Braxton, Anthony: Four compositions (GTM) 2000
83. Calexico: Hot rail
84. Saint low: Saint low
85. Peaches: The teaches of Peaches
86. New pornographers: Mass romantic
87. Coltrane, Ravi: From the round box
88. Mazarin: Watch it happen
89. Oranger: The quiet vibration land
90. Cinematic orchestra: Remixes 1998-2000

91. Branco, Cristina: Post-scriptum
92. Caputo, Keith: Died laughing
93. Yoakam, Dwight: Tomorrow’s sounds today
94. Common: Like water for chocolate
95. Primal scream: XTRMNTR
96. McRae, Tom: Tom McRae
97. Scofield, John: Bump
98. Caine, Uri: Goldberg variations
99. De la soul: Art official intelligence: Mosaic thump
100. Wyman, Bill – Rhythm kings: Groovin’
101. Blake, Ran: Horace is blue: a silver noir
102. Hardy, Françoise: Clair-obscur
103. Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali: Dust to gold
104. Houston, Whitney: The greatest hits
105. Low / Dirty 3: In the fishtank
106. Megadeth: Capitol punishment
107. King Crimson: The construkction of light
108. Metheny, Pat: Trio 99>00
109. Shankar, Anoushka: Anourag
110. Waterboys: Rock in the weary land
111. Furtado, Nelly: Whoa Nelly
112. Songs: Ohia: Ghost tropic
113. Luomo: Vocalcity
114. Cure: Bloodflowers
115. Hicks, Dan & the Hot licks: Beatin’the heat
116. Add N to (X): Add insult to injury
117. Microphones: It was hot, we stayed in the water
118. Slumber party: Slumber party
119. Bettie serveert: Private suit
120. Noonday underground: Self-assembly
121. Barlow, Lou / Rudy Trouvé: Subsonic 6
122. Doves: Lost souls.
123. Ghostface killah: Supreme clientele
124. Chapman, Michael: The twisted road
125. Cascabulho: Hunger gives you a headache
126. Hives: Veni vidi vicious
127. Harvey, PJ: Stories from the city, stories from the sea
128. Harper, Roy: The green man
129. Knopfler, Mark: Sailing to Philadelphia
130. Gonzalez, Ruben: Chanchullo
131. Jayhawks: Smile
132. Fletcher Pratt: Nine by nine
133. Red snapper: Our aim is to satisfy
134. Knife in the water: Red river
135. Mountain goats: The coroner’s gambit

136. Mann, Aimee: Bachelor No 2 (last remains of the dodo)
137. Kingsbury manx: The Kingsbury Manx
138. Jackson, Joe: Night and day II
139. Delta: Slippin’ out
140. Belle & Sebastian: Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant
141. Buffalo Tom: Asides from… (1988-1999)
142. Bley, Carla: 4x4 Jazz Ost-West
143. O’Brien, Tim & Darrell Scott: Real time
144. Eels: Daisies of the galaxy
145. Coldplay: Parachutes
146. Lemper, Ute: Punishing kiss
147. Kirsty MacColl: Tropical brainstorm
148. Hellacopters: High visibility
149. Simon, Paul: You’re the one
150. Ribot, Marc: Muy divertido
151. At the drive-in: Relationship of command
152. Misra, Gopal Shankar: Out of stillness
153. Monster magnet: God says no
154. Shimmer kids underpop association: Bury my heart at makeout point
155. Buckner, Richard: The hill
156. Delgados: The great eastern
157. Barber, Patricia: Nightclub
158. Dr John: Duke elegant
159. Gas: Pop
160. Veloso, Moreno + 2: Music typewriter
161. Mehldau, Brad: Places

162. Prince: High
163. Young, Neil: Road rock Vol. 1
164. Anjali: Anjali
165. Smog: Dongs of sevotion
166. Dead man ray: Trap
167. Los planetas: Unidad de desplazamiento
168. Will Oldham: Guarapero. Lost blues 2
169. Case, Peter: Flying saucer blues
170. Myracle brah: Myracle brah
171. Shankar, Ravi: Full circle. Carnegie Hall 2000
172. Hgh: Pignoise
173. Harper, Nick: Harperspace
174. Son Volt: A retrospective 1995-2000
175. Green day: Warning.
176. Elastica: The menace
177. Rage against the machine: Renegades
178. Di Meola, Al: The grande passion
179. Badly drawn boy: The hour of bewilderbeast
180. Bjork: Selmasongs
181. Quasimoto: The unseen
182. Saariaho, Kaija: Cinq reflets de L’amour de loin
183. Bruno, Matt: Punch & beauty
184. Pearl jam: Binaural
185. Jean, Wyclef: The ecleftic
186. Heavy blinkers: Heavy blinkers
188. Joan of arc: The gap
189. Logan’s sanctuary: Logan’s sanctuary
190. Conte, Paolo: Razmataz
191. Shakira: MTV unplugged
192. Ashcroft, Richard: Alone with everybody
193. Hiatt, John: Crossing muddy waters
194. Lloyd, Charles: The water is wide
195. Dandy warhols: Thirteen tales from urban bohemia
196. Godspeed you black emperor: Lift your skinny fists like…
197. Black crowes: Greatest hits 1990-1999
198. Twilley, Dwight: Tulsa
199. Pinback: Some voices
200. Jones, Rickie Lee: It’s like this
201. Webb brothers: Maroon
202. Bregovic, Goran: Music for films (1990-98)
203. Riley, Terry: in c
204. T-Model Ford: She ain’t none of your’n
205. Doctor rockit: Indoor fireworks
206. Paul Weller: Heliocentric
207. Catherine wheel: Wishville
208. Williams, Kathryn: Little black numbers
209. Wilco & Billy Bragg: Mermaid avenue Vol 2
210. Rouse, Josh: Home

211. Vibert, Luke & BJ Cole: Stop the panic
212. Outkast: Stankonia
213. Clinic: Internal wrangler
214. Cat power: Covers record
215. Chieftains: Water from the well
216. Shazam: Rev9
217. Royal trux: Pound for pound
218. Big house: Woodstock nation
219. Saint Etienne: Sound of water
220. Kravitz, Lenny: Greatest hits (1989-2000)
221. South San Gabriel: Songs/Music
222. Midwood, Ramsay: Shoot out at the OK Chinese restaurant
223. Bent: Programmed to love
224. Deighton, Matt: You are the healer
225. Swearing at motorists: Number 7 uptown
226. Yokota, Susumu: Sakura
227. EST: Good morning Susie Soho
228. Grandaddy: The sophtware slump
229. Phish: Farmhouse
230. Gomez: Abandoned shopping trolley hotline
231. Gilberto, Joao: Joao voz e violao
232. Morrison, Van: You win again (with Linda Gail Lewis)
233. Garnier, Laurent: Unreasonable behaviour
234. Jurassic 5: Quality control
235. O brother, where art thou? OST
236. Go-betweens: The friends of Rachel Worth
237. Damien Jurado: Ghost of David
238. Teenage fanclub: Howdy
239. Deltron: 3030
240. Southern culture on the skids: Liquored up and lacquered down
241. North Mississippi all-stars: Shake hands with shorty
242. Seafood: Surviving the quiet
243. Baca, Susana: Eco de sombras
244. Blonde redhead: Melody of certain damaged lemons
245. Pram: Museum of imaginary animals
246. Eminem: Marshall Matters LP
247. Anderson, Ian: Secret language of birds
248. Ghazal: Moon rise over the silk road
249. Harris, Emmylou: Red dirt girl
250. Spring heel jack: Disappeared
251. Minogue, Kylie: Light years
252. Gilmore, Jimmie Dale: One endless night
253. Big leaves: Pwy sy’n galw?
254. Madonna: Music
255. Martin, Claire: Perfect alibi
256. Kimbrough, Will: This
257. Teamaker, Marc: Ping
258. Case, Neko & her boyfriends: Furnace room lullaby
259. Tyner, McCoy: Jazz roots
260. Sea & cake: Oui

261. Fatboy slim: Halfway between the gutter and the stars
262. Green, Peter: Hot foot powder
263. Electric wizard: Dopethrone
264. Badu, Erykah: Mama’s gun
265. Thomas, Irma: My heart’s in Memphis
266. City of Prague philharmonic: Farewell my Concubine. Great film themes from modern Chinese cinema
267. Ranglin, Ernest: Modern answers to old problems
268. Faraco, Marcio: Ciranda
269. Nits: Hits
270. Damon & Naomi with Ghost: With Ghost
271. Tarwater: Animals, suns & atoms
272. Haggard, Merle: If I could only fly
273. XTC: Wasp star (Apple Venus Vol 2)
274. Oasis: Standing on the shoulder of giants
275. Kd Lang: Invincible summer
276. Chappaquiddick skyline: Chappaquiddick skyline
277. Stew: Guest host
278. Trans Am: Red line
279. Animal collective: Spirit they’re gone spirit they’ve vanished
280. Spears, Britney: Oops!...I did it again
281. Cherry twister: At home with
282. Christy McWilson: The lucky one
283. Dead Meadow: Dead Meadow
284. David Sylvian: Everything and nothing (1980-2000)
285. Sleater-kinney: All hands on the bad one
286. Superfunk: Hold-up
287. Zevon, Warren: Life’ll kill ya
288. Japancakes: The sleepy strange
289. Coughlan, Mary: sings Billie Holiday
290. Brave captain: Go with yourself
291. Broadcast: The noise made by people
292. Czars: Before…but longer
293. Softies: Holiday in Rhode island
294. Novastar: Novastar
295. Morphine: The night
296. Steve Earle: Transcendental blues
297. Amon Tobin: Supermodified
298. Modest mouse: The moon and Antarctica
299. Doug Sahm: The return of Wayne Douglas
300. Goldfrapp: Felt mountain
301. Young, Neil: Silver & gold
302. Wu-Tang clan: The Wu
303. Metheny, Pat: Trio  Live
304. U2: All that you can’t leave behind
305. Chixdiggit: From scene to shining scene
306. Milton Nascimento: Nos bailes da vida
307. Kevin Gilbert: The shaming of the true
308. Victoria Williams: Water to drink
309. White stripes: De stijl
310. Air: Virgin suicides

311. Blur: Best of Blur
312. Gil, Gilberto & Milton Nascimento: Gilberto Gil & Milton Nascimento
313. Dylan, Bob: Things have changed (from the ‘Wonder boys’ OST)
314. Sonic Youth: NYC ghosts and flowers
315. Sparklehorse: Distorted ghost
316. Sigur ros: Agaetis byrjun
317. Joni Mitchell: Both sides now
318. Clientele: Suburban light
319. Avalanches: Since I left you
320. Laura Cantrell: Not the tremblin’ kind
321. Super furry animals: Mwng
322. Mascis, J: More light
323. Murray, David: Octet plays Trane
324. Various Artists: Soupsongs live. The music of Robert Wyatt
325. Cash, Johnny: American III: Solitary man
326. Eva Cassidy: Time after time
327. Hawksley Workman: For him and the girls
328. Grand drive: True love and high adventure
329. Steely dan: Two against nature
330. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Cinemage
331. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci: The blue trees
332. Labradford: Fixed: context
333. Burnside, R.L: Wish I was in heaven sitting down
334. Tenor, Jimi: Out of nowhere
335. Giant sand: Chore of enchantment
336. Rodrigues, Virginia: Nos
337. Peterson, Oscar: Trail of dreams – A Canadian suite
338. Moloko: Things to make and do
339. Torrini, Emiliana: Love in the time of science
340. Adams, Ryan: Heartbreaker
341. Mudhoney: March to fuzz (1988-98)
342. Tepper, Moris: Big enough to disappear
343. Jim O’Rourke: Jim:Computer:Hotel
344. Gilberto, Bebel: Tanto tempo
345. Boris: Flood
346. Wray, Link: Barbed wire
347. Porcupine tree: Lightbulb sun
348. Queens of the stone age: Rated R
349. St Germain: Tourist
350. Ween: White pepper

351. Hellstrom, Hakan: Kann ingen sorg for mig Goteborg
352. D’Angelo: Voodoo
353. Sakamoto, Ryuichi: BTTB
354. Yo la tengo: And then nothing turned itself inside out
355. Lassie foundation: Pacifico
356. Smith, Elliott: Figure 8
357. Radiohead: Kid A
358. Uakti: Aguas da Amazonia
359. Phoenix: United
360. Motorpsycho: Let them eat cake

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Ghost of Harry Smith » 22 Sep 2013, 02:02

Thanks muchly for the full list, that's great mate. I'll post back soon once I come up with some other candidates and I'm happy to send you copies if you're interested.

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Beno » 22 Sep 2013, 22:13

What a fantastic achievement Bro Spo so thanks for this. Other commitments mean that I only get to look in on here occasionally. This thread had me hooked though, I was checking in for the next instalment every morning.

There have been a few ideas already but BCB really needs to build on this.

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Brother Spoon » 19 Oct 2013, 06:57

I'd like it if this one could be moved to Classic Threads. :)

What do you say?

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby WG Kaspar » 19 Oct 2013, 07:37

damn straight it should
I run out of talent

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Re: Brother Spoon's 100 favourite records of 2000

Postby Brother Spoon » 19 Oct 2013, 11:57