Beyond the 130 - Bongwater / Kramer / Shimmy Disc

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Re: Beyond the 130 - Bongwater / Kramer / Shimmy Disc

Postby Hightea » 16 Jan 2018, 01:51

As a New Yorker I have several Shimmy Discs.
The first for me was Bongwater who were actually the first band I saw at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ. We went because I was with my friend in Hoboken and he wanted to go he played You Don't Love Me Yet and the Porpoise Song, he also said Fred Frith might play with them(he didn't) and I was in. It's a show I don't have a date for (very rare for me) but it was before Too Much Sleep came out. Crazy packed show didn't get anywhere near a spot you could really see the band.

I like all three of their albums but the first two are the best. Love the covers on Too Much to Sleep Splash1 and Why are we sleeping. Also love Ann's poem and ramble stuff.

I've also got the Daevid Allen and Kramer album which is good and I like Galaxie 500's Tugboat. I have a few more don't remember who except Jellyfish Kiss and some later stuff when Knitting Factory took over I saw a bunch of shows there and they always had cd's for sale.