Beyond the 130 - Burt Bacharach

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Re: Beyond the 130 - Burt Bacharach

Postby Brother Spoon » 23 Jan 2015, 18:28

Copehead wrote:
Not what I was expecting, the production was a little more old fashioned than the Walker Brothers but the lead was probably rather better sung.
But without Scott Walker's power it turns the over dramatic bluster down several notches, which isn't so good in my view :)

Ah well. Thanks for listening.
I love the gravitas of the singing. Particularly in that clip, with Gene sitting in the shadows.

Bent Fabric wrote:I DID see him perform in 1998 - fourth row center at Chicago Theater. Elvis Costello was along for the ride, but that wasn't why I was there, and it isn't what I remember nearly 20 years later. There were a couple of medleys - which, as I recall, absolutely worked. I got downright choked during "This Guy's In...". Who wouldn't have?

It's not often I'm envious of anyone seeing Elvis Costello!
I so hope it happens one of these years (he's not getting younger), but the costs of touring orchestras are probably prohibitive.

Bent Fabric wrote:(the Dionne albums, many of which I own, are so deeply padded with the likes of "Little Green Apples" that I've probably been a bit gun shy)...

It takes a lot of sifting. They were pure product to Scepter, or so it seems. There's no attempt at making an album length ambitious musical statement.

Bent Fabric wrote:For years, I would make Burt comps (Hot Buttered Burt was a popular title) of all of my favorite interpretations.

Nice! There is something a little hot buttered about his tan.

baron frito pie wrote:More sterling work, Spoon!
I've got the Butch Cassidy soundtrack on now ...

Thanks, Baron! I so love that album.

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Re: Beyond the 130 - Burt Bacharach

Postby Rayge » 15 Jan 2018, 18:47

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