70s Cup Round 1 Match 16 *Griff 12- algroth 20*

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70s Cup Round 1 Match 16 *Griff 12- algroth 20*

Postby never/ever » 14 Oct 2018, 12:18


Curtis Mayfield - Billy Jack


Fela Kuti & the Africa 70 - Roforofo Fight

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby harvey k-tel » 14 Oct 2018, 16:09

That's a pretty lacklustre Mayfield choice. It doesn't kick nearly enough ass to beat Fela.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby GoogaMooga » 14 Oct 2018, 16:34

It doesn't have to kick ass for me, but Fela is up and running immediately, while Curtis still hasn't taken off after two minutes. Hate to vote against Mayfield, but Fela clinches it. B
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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby sloopjohnc » 14 Oct 2018, 16:53


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Dayodead » 14 Oct 2018, 16:57


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Purgatory Brite » 14 Oct 2018, 16:58

Oh, it's the right on, politically correct tie. I've never been too keen on Fela Kuti, one for the armchair revolutionaries among us.


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby the masked man » 14 Oct 2018, 18:44

A is pretty tight, but there's something more joyous about the Fela Kuti track, which sounds both complex and easygoing.


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Belle Lettre » 14 Oct 2018, 19:48

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Uncle Charles Routine » 14 Oct 2018, 20:09

At least here, Fela made a more interesting sound

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby C » 14 Oct 2018, 20:43

Curtis, again, is bland and doesn't hold my attention.

Fela. Well, I have heard better by the man but this track has its moments.

Oddly, for me, the track does go on a bit without going anywhere.

I wasn't keen on either tracks to be honest but I have already abstained twice in this round.

A third 'abstention' would be rude.

What the hell


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby kath » 14 Oct 2018, 21:02

damn. i got hornage and percussivity shakin my bootay around the premises.

that's all there is to that.


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Count Machuki » 14 Oct 2018, 22:21

Oof tough.

Fact is I can play that Curtis song over and over. For me that's not the best Fela pick...not quite dynamic as some of his other stuff.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby The Modernist » 14 Oct 2018, 22:34

Don't think I've enjoyed a round in the BCb cup as much as this first one for a long time, and this may be the toughest tie yet for me.
The way Billy Jack sustains this tight, claustrophobic mood really is quite something. Perhaps it slightly lacks that transcendent quality his best stuff has, but still great stuff. The Fela Kuti track takes its time getting going, too long probably, but once it does it's as immersive as anything, a total trip.

It's a B

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby driftin » 15 Oct 2018, 09:43

A, meh.

B is brilliant. I really should check out more Fela Kuti than I have already because this is pure class.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Samoan » 15 Oct 2018, 10:36

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Diamond Dog » 15 Oct 2018, 11:39

Again not really clasic Curtis but it builds nicely. Fela Kuti never really did it for me, and this overly long track is exactly the kind of reason why.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Osgood » 15 Oct 2018, 16:16

Curtis all the way.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Jumper K » 15 Oct 2018, 19:23

How many other Curtis tracks are we going to get? 11 by my reckoning.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby echolalia » 15 Oct 2018, 23:04

A suffers from Curtis-fatigue. The Fela Kuti track feels much fresher just now. Yes, it’s a blast. I’am about to listen to it again.


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 16

Postby Loki » 16 Oct 2018, 00:04

Oops, missed this one.


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