70s Cup Round 1 Match 3 *Osgood 21- Heifer 19*

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Darkness_Fish » 14 Oct 2018, 20:39

I guess if you're going to enter tracks into a 70s cup, you might as well pick the kind of lumpen rock-pop that you associate with the era. I dunno a lot about Zevon, one of those names you know was famous, but I couldn't pick his songs out of a line-up. It's got a bit of an Elton John trucking through Arizona feel, the kind of thing that must be listened to with a baseball cap worn the right way around.

Split Enz are similarly recognisable by name, but not by sound. How badly do they want to be Devo here? It's kind of embarrassing to see, and I don't want to judge it on the video, but to try and sound like them is one thing, to go all out and try to steal their moves is another. Properly shameless. Still, with peg on nose, it's a livelier track than the other, so Devo's academy side get the vote.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Ranking Ted » 14 Oct 2018, 21:43

I should say I really like ‘I Got You’ but that quirky, zany thread of new wave - B52s, Devo, XTC - by and large leaves me cold and that’s a horrible track from Split Enz. I should also say I’ve plenty of time for Zevon’s sardonic, literate take on the mainstream AOR of the era - hell, I liked the great BCB MOR pin cushion Tom Petty who did similar work without the cynicism - and this is one of his best.


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Count Machuki » 14 Oct 2018, 22:01


Sadly the last few times I've heard that Zevon cut it's been on Right Wing Radio so I can't help but hold that against him, unfair as that is.
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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Butch Manly » 14 Oct 2018, 22:11

Argh. B, I suppose.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby echolalia » 15 Oct 2018, 00:56

The Warren Zevon track is good – that’s two I like by him now!

Don’t like B at all.


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby fange » 15 Oct 2018, 02:20

I like both of these, though not as much as i once used to. Zevon's sound on EB has not aged well for me, but like many of his songs he's usually good for a wry and caustic lyric. I love the Enz in a nostalgic way, but having grown up in Australia they were everywhere on the radio to the point of saturation at times, which has dulled my enthusiasm over the years. But under the overt quirkiness that was par for the course at the time, they had some very good songwriters that could write a pop tune with good hooks, so they are getting my vote.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Diamond Dog » 15 Oct 2018, 10:23

I've never really got Zevon and this hasn't helped.

I like a lot of Split Enz but "I See Red" definitely works better live now, without the (frankly embarrassing) makeup and get up of the time.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby trans-chigley express » 15 Oct 2018, 13:25

The Zevon track is a terrific little song with wry lyrics, a rollicking good tune and handclaps.

B's painfully quirky wackiness was difficult to like.


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Loki » 15 Oct 2018, 13:38

A is one of the few songs I'm familiar with, after glancing at all the matches.

Never been much of a Zevon fan. This song isn't bad except for the plodding.

After a couple of listens, the one I'd rather hear again is


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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Polishgirl » 15 Oct 2018, 14:17

I enjoyed A well enough. It rolls along neatly.

Can't cope with B; it's a bit ADHD- inducing.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Dayodead » 15 Oct 2018, 14:55

B, but not excited about it...

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Jumper K » 15 Oct 2018, 19:02

Takes 3 rounds for it all to go to shit. I find myself in the unenviable position of voting for B. I hate it less than A.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Hightea » 15 Oct 2018, 19:19

Warren always sounds like he is writing the same song. Bland.

Split enz's look like they are trying to be cool and nerdy at the same time it doesn't work. They come across as pretentious buffoons and can't tell if its an act or the real thing. The song is okay but nothing even remotely interesting.

A - I'll give it Warren although not really sure why.
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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Moleskin » 15 Oct 2018, 19:34

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby The Red Heifer » 16 Oct 2018, 07:26

I know Warren Zevon's considered some sort of "songwriter's songwriter" or some such rubbish but I can't help but feel he was a bit overlauded because he was dying in full view of everyone. I mean this is alright but I don't see any overwhelming greatness in it. Love "Werewolves Of London", mind.

My wife is a Split Enz/Tim & Neil fanatic (I've already had to put the line through Finn as a potential child name :lol:) even with the more progressive-ish first couple of albums. This is where I come in to the whole Enz gear, I love songs that sound like the band members are racing each other to the end of the song.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Neige » 17 Oct 2018, 09:34

I like both artists a lot, but wouldn't have picked either song.

Here and now, though, my heart's with the quirky kiwis.

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Sneelock » 17 Oct 2018, 18:43

Another toughie. I like the Split Enz track. I think my heart left the band when Phil Judd did but it took me years to realize.

A pox on J. Brown’s house for giving Zevon the “soft rock” treatment but I’ll go A by virtue of the swell lyric & vocal.
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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby toomanyhatz » 17 Oct 2018, 20:57

I agree with the criticisms of both here - I like WZ as a songwriter, often a lot, but session player slickness derailed a lot of his music to my ears. But B is frenetic to no great purpose, and there's at least a dozen SE songs I would take first - and I'm not even that big a fan. So I guess it's A, but not terribly enthusiastically.
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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby Rayge » 18 Oct 2018, 14:56

a - well, I own this album, but never played it, bought it at a charity shop because it was in such good nick. Problem is, that, Joni Mitchell excepted, I was completely over singer-songwriter stuff by the end of the 70s, and if I didn't hear it by then, I was never going to get into it. This all seemed very by the numbers, very much of its time, to me; didn't arouse any passion in me either way 4.5 / 10
b - hate at first sight for me and these clowns back in the day. Even the frantic Farfisa can't save this. Horrible vocal, nothing of a song, and a really shit instrumental break. SAHB with ADHD. 2 / 10 for the organ sound

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Re: 70s Cup Round 1 Match 3

Postby never/ever » 19 Oct 2018, 02:07

I gained a lot of respect for Zevon in the wake of his cancer battle and the incredible way he dealt with it. Unflinchingly he kept on rolling and writing about it and in some way he helped me deal with my parents both passing away of lung cancer themselves.
Outside of that I only heard Excitable Boy which is alright but I find the sound so wooden which really bothers me at times.
Up against what really is a staple mark when you are living in Australia....I am kinda bored of this song but I will take it nonetheless.

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