CC Round 7 Match 5 *Thang-y 3- Neville 17*

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Re: CC Round 7 Match 5

Postby Neige » 29 Oct 2017, 18:41

I like some of the UOGB's covers a lot, but this is simply annoying.

Superstar is a terrific song, but I've never warmed to Karen Carpenter's sugary version. Now I've just listened to the original for the first time - it gets killed by an abysmal and unnerving drum track... :shock:

I've also roamed through a shitload of covers on YouTube. Sonic Youth's rendition is probably the most interesting one (and a later version by Bonnie Bramlett is rather nifty).

But the definitive version for me remains Rita Coolidges's on the Mad Dogs & Englishmen album.

Still, it's gotta be B.
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Re: CC Round 7 Match 5

Postby never/ever » 30 Oct 2017, 10:44


Thang-y 3

Neville 17
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