BCB Cup 2012 - The Final! Thesiger wins! Coan unlucky!

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Copehead » 27 Mar 2012, 13:29

List A

Clean Up Woman - Betty Wright link
I Don't Know Why I Love You - House of Love link
Chase the Devil - Max Romeo and the Upsetters link
Please Let Me Wonder - The Beach Boys link
Girl Don't Come - Sandie Shaw link
Animation - The Skids link
Nightporter - Japan link
Groovin with Mr Bloe - Mr Bloe link
Cattle and Cane - The Go-Betweens link
Promised Land - Chuck Berry link
Domino - The Cramps link
Call Me (Come Back Home) - Al Green link
Go Back - Crabby Appleton link
Louise - Paul Siebel link
Maps - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs link
Hit and Miss - The John Barry Seven plus Four link
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones link :D
The Ballad of Cable Hogue - Calexico link
Desiree - The Left Banke link
Crash - The Primitives link
River of Salt - Ketty Lester link
All Of The Ants Left Paris - Tarwater - link
Lady Friend - The Byrds link
Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr link :D
Nutbush City Limits - Ike and Tina Turner link
Until You Come Back To Me - Aretha Franklin link
Temple of Love - Sisters of Mercy (with Ofra Haza) link :D
My World Fell Down - Sagittarius link
Albuquerque - Neil Young link
25 o'clock - Dukes of Stratosphear link
I'm Going To Tear Your Playhouse Down - Ann Peebles link
Memo From Turner - Mick Jagger link
In Between Days - The Cure link :)
Girlie, Girlie - Sophia George link
Hurt - Johnny Cash link :D
Clear Spot - Captain Beefheart link
Baby It's You - Shirelles link
Julia Dream - Pink Floyd link :)
Dig for Fire - Pixies link
Ballad of El Goodo - Big Star link

List B

1. Monkey Man - Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters link
2. Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players link
3. Rocks Off - The Rolling Stones link
4. We Got The Beat - The Go-Go's link
5. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues - Arthur Alexander link
6. Fragile - Wire link
7. One Mint Julep - Ray Charles link
8. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man - The Bob Seger System link
9. So You Say You Lost Your Baby - Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers link
10. Ritual #1 - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band link
11. Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats link
12. Silver - Echo and the Bunnymen link
13. Jam Up Jelly Tight - Tommy Roe link
14. Destroy The Heart - House Of Love link :D
15. Everybody Plays The Fool - The Main Ingredient link
16. Send Me A Postcard - Shocking Blue link
17. Godstar - Psychic TV link :D
18. Spoonful - Howlin' Wolf link :)
19. I'm Against The Eighties - Denim link :)
20. Mini Mini Mini - Jacques Dutronc link
21. The Guns of Navarone - The Skatalites link :D
22. Razzmatazz - Pulp link :D
23. Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart - Gene Pitney link :)
24. Ha Ha Ha - Flipper link
25. Forget All About It - The Nazz link
26. Upside Down - Diana Ross link
27. Protex Blue - The Clash link :)
28. Penguin Cafe Single - Penguin Cafe Orchestra link
29. Darlin' - The Beach Boys link
30. Constantinople - The Residents link
31. Last Night - The Strokes link
32. Doomsday - The Purple Sun link
33. Read About Seymour - Swell Maps link :D
34. Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie link :)
35. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved - James Brown link
36. God's Children - The Kinks link
37. Hoots Mon! - Lord Rockingham's XI link
38. Wimp - The Zeros link
39. Nothing But A Heartache - The Flirtations link
40. Cool - Pylon link

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Tapiocahead » 27 Mar 2012, 13:40

I haven't listened to most of the ones I don't recognise. The ones on A that I didn't like were because they were boring, the ones on B that I didn't like were irritating.

It's tough to make any sort of really informed judgement on such long lists that are so tightly matched.

Both top quality lists but I'm going to vote B by a hair's breadth, it just has a wee bit more personality to it (which is a batshit statement but I stand by it) .

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby BlueMeanie » 27 Mar 2012, 14:21

Congrats to both for getting this far.

A wins by a nose. Sorry B.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby clive gash » 27 Mar 2012, 14:26

The inclusion of Crash and Freak Scene on A means that I have to pick B.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby The Modernist » 27 Mar 2012, 14:36

toomanyhatz wrote:
By the way, I haven't the foggiest notion whose list is whose. Usually I can tell, but they're pretty similar when you get right down to it.

Only to the unobservant. I wouldn't have identified Thesiger's list in the early rounds, but JC's was obvious to me from the second round. There's a number of tracks on there that he's always raving about for a start!

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby The Modernist » 27 Mar 2012, 14:37

Huw wrote:This is a close race, could be a photo finish.

I make it so far:

A - 29

B - 21

You call that close? :lol:

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Huw » 27 Mar 2012, 14:43

TopCat G wrote:
Huw wrote:This is a close race, could be a photo finish.

I make it so far:

A - 29

B - 21

You call that close? :lol:

A difference of 8 votes at this early stage? Yes I'd call that close :roll:

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby The Modernist » 27 Mar 2012, 14:47

Before you roll your eyes at me you might like to consider we are not at an early stage - about three-quarters of the votes have been cast. Plus it is quite rare to see leads of 8 or 9 overturned -it happens but not often.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Ray K. » 27 Mar 2012, 14:54

B - though both suffer from a lack of any NWOBHM.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Moleskin » 27 Mar 2012, 15:08

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Deebank » 27 Mar 2012, 17:06

I'm back for the final. It has to be...

I've been talking about writing a book - 25 years of TEFL - for a few years now. I've got it in me.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Nolamike » 27 Mar 2012, 17:19

Here I go, my first vote cast in the tournament.

Both are filled with gems, but I'll give the slight nod to A.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby SlangKing » 27 Mar 2012, 18:43

I'll go with A mostly on the strength of the new five.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby B » 27 Mar 2012, 18:53


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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby John Mc » 27 Mar 2012, 19:34

Can't do the number crunching thing at this stage.

They're both excellent lists.

But for me, it'll be B
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Penk! » 27 Mar 2012, 19:45

Both are largely very good. B takes a few more risks, but I don't always go for its more idiosyncratic selections, and it does really drop a few bollocks. A is the one I'd rather hear, overall, though both would make for an enjoyable listen.
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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Ranking Ted » 27 Mar 2012, 19:55

Rank Bajin wrote:I really like both these lists, both are very strong and deserving of a final (what no 3rd and 4th place play-off?) :D

However, there's a few tracks on both that are not really all that (I share the bemusement re the Residents and I really dislike the fact that Cash is remembered for being a wheezing old man singing NIN songs). There's also a few of these - on A, in the main - that have BCB Cup whiskers on them (Go Back, Cattle and Cane, Freak Scene, etc).

Having said that, there's quality throughout both and nice to see some of my Cup alumni - Memo From Turner, So You Say You Lost Your Baby, Ballad of El Goodo, etc - make an appearance at the final. It's as tight as a gnat's chuff, as they say.

Will come back to this tomorrow.

Well, I've hummed and hawed and listened to tracks I didn't know, mainly on B(Flipper=cack, Shocking Blue=ace was a typical spread) and, I've come down on the side of... A. Despite B having higher highs, A's marginally higher hit rate and its lower duffer rate have counted. The very observant will have noticed I've changed my mind again.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Pool Hall Richard » 27 Mar 2012, 21:00

B for me.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Chuck [Bot] » 27 Mar 2012, 21:28

The inclusion of Crash and Freak Scene on A means that I have to pick A.

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Re: BCB Cup 2012 - The Final!

Postby Sambient » 27 Mar 2012, 21:53

Well matched, so I resort to placing my vote based on a few particular heart-claims.